A wanderer I met Last Night

yesterday's moon

Where have you come from O wandering moon

Is it from the land of sand dunes and oceans

Did you glide past his window

and see if he was longing for me ?

O luminous messenger of love

Do you have any message , some news

from my beloved?

Did he cup your face  between his fingers

and whispered sweet nothings for me

Or was he indifferent and veiled  his heart

and turn his face away

shutting you out

from his reclusive world?

silently I watch you move behind

the sad and lonesome leafless tree

trying to hide

your tear streaked face

Oh ! do not grieve for there shall be

a happy ending for you and me

in some other time and space

Go lonely wanderer

do not linger

shed your

ink black robe

and the gloomy Grey clouds

that hang around you

The sun awaits

in its Infinite Incandescence

illuminating the entire universe

and like me my friend

wait for the miracle to happen

Vote for it on Indivine

5 thoughts on “A wanderer I met Last Night

  1. Tikuli, one of these days, I need to take some time and go through your archives. You are one of the best writers I’ve read in the blog world.

    Solilo , you have touched my heart dear one. Coming from you this comment really humbles me. you are such a good writer yourself. Thank you so much .Do visit and leave your heart prints.


  2. Hey Tiku… that was fantastic!!!
    Cant really say …. which part of it i liked… it ws overall awesome..!!!
    also the pic is just perfect!!!
    the kind of mood u created with this piece has already disturbed me…
    “was he longing for me..??? ”
    hmmm… that line disturbed me!!!
    keep pouring in with ur articles…and allow us to bathe in its silvery luster!!!

    Hi Aditi thank you so much and welcome to my blog. I am glad you like my poems. Yes The moon at times disturbs because of the emotions attached to it. Keep visiting and do leave your comments.


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