Pariah Kite : Majestic bird of prey

Pariah kite ,with it’s brown body is a common sight in Delhi especially in the green Delhi Ridge. I was fortunate to captue some quite moments as this majestic bird of prey pearched itself to take a good look at the world below.

Delhi has more than 2,4oo breeding pairs of these kites and they are very well adapted to live in human vicinity.

This large, brown kite is easily distinguished by its forked tail, a feature particularly noticeable in flight.

16 thoughts on “Pariah Kite : Majestic bird of prey

  1. Wow!!! And yes this is the exact bird that lives in two nests on a Peepal tree near my place – sometimes I see it in one nest, sometimes in another!!

    These are such clear shots!!


  2. These are awesome snaps! Where did manage to get so upclose without frightening the bird? Or are you one of those with the fancy SLRs?


  3. Hi Mr. Indian Homemaker, will you please tell me the area in which you live? I work on the Pariah kites as a Masters student of Wildlife science form wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. thank you


  4. Hi Nishant
    IHM is not He but She. These pix are from Delhi/ NCR region. (North campus of Delhi University. You will find these birds in large numbers in this region.
    Good luck with your work and thank you for visiting.


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