Mango Tree Very Pretty : Some Pix

I observed that many of my readers  are ardent mango lovers so here is a picture of our mango tree. This tree is of dashehri mangoes and yeilds a good crop every year.

One day I found my previous maid bitting into juicy mangoes in the park near my home. After exchanging some pleasantories I asked her if we could grow a plant from the seed. She burried the seed and  now we all enjoy the fruits of her labor .these days the tree is in full bloom and when you stand under it the intoxicating aroma of the flowers fill your senses. A feeling only mango lovers can imagine.

It’s just so beautiful to see the tree alive with the sound of birds tweeting merrily among the yellow blossoms.

Waiting eagerly for the fruits to appear.

3 thoughts on “Mango Tree Very Pretty : Some Pix

  1. Pickle Memoirs

    As workout regimen has body drawn and quartered
    My Mind hotfooted away from it thus cornered and
    Sped towards painless carefree childhood pastimes
    Replete with happy memories of the luscious lip-
    Smacking, mouth watering, raw, incredibly edible,
    Pickled curvaceous smooth n plump, full of infinite
    Promise, sweet and tart greenish gold unripe mangoes

    Hauled home by mom post a wordy marathon repartee
    A skilled bargaining charade by well honed tongues
    The bounty thus won was dearer and first flaunted
    At the inquisitive, awfully nosy neighbors, all curious
    Agog n wondering and who involuntarily salivated as
    The catch’ was carefully extracted and landed tenderly,
    To be systematically drawn and quartered, splayed

    Oozing juice tickled childish nostrils automatically flared
    And our growing vampire teeth were flashed ready to pounce
    and sink themselves into the delectable green raw marrow
    of summer’s bumper juicy crop full of promise- tart bounty
    delectable eminently edible mouthwatering raw mangoes as
    our salivary glands jigged a tango in pure joy propelled by
    past memories of sweet tart lip smacking pickled delights

    Next the triangular pieces of mangoes were marinated in oil
    Mixed diligently with spices of the likes of coriander, cumin,
    turmeric, hot peppers, fenugreek, dash of mustard, zing of exotic
    asafoetida, whole peppercorns and fennel, expertly rolled, mixed
    seasoned in measured time periods for staying power and for
    placement in the oily amniotic belly of the readied tall pickle
    jars, washed, towel dried prepped for summer’s priceless bounty

    playful little hands itched to open tightly sealed mouths of the tall
    pickle jars that stood upright basking in the scorching summer sun
    while in them the floating luscious cut mangoes simmered and
    readied themselves to be perfectly edible for future feedings
    as the naughty sparrows chirruped, wily mice chattered and the
    squirrels darted about circling the pickle jars inquisitively as mom’s
    stern warning to stay clear of them rang in wee ears, rankling

    *** *** ***

    Repertoire of Mango Memories

    Memories as cutlets
    Served in dishes flat
    Mouthwatering splats
    Mangoes in couplets

    Hearing word mango
    my heart jigs a tango
    shaking memory tree
    I am in a joyful spree

    Have enjoyed by bucketful
    Slurping dripping mouthful
    Only mangoes tasted the best
    When mooched off neighbor with zest

    Chased by irate stick wielding gardener
    Yelling threats and expletives in anger
    Held secure in skirt of childhood dress
    Ripening n raw, all tasted the very best

    Twisting of my tiny ears did not hurt
    Replete with mangoes that did squirt
    Let go cheaply with reprimands curt
    Bootleg mangoes were worth our effort

    Alphonso variety is king among mangoes
    But Sardar mango is huge where size goes
    Gorging mangoes and their enjoyable licking
    Was good but digestions did take a beating

    Pickled, juiced, cooked, looted
    Yummy juicy delicious branded
    Mangoes n childhood go hand in hand
    To be plucked and relived in heartland

    Mangoes are fruits fit for kings
    Crème de crème- nature’s fling
    Come in many varieties n tastes
    Wholly useful nothing to waste

    Hearing word mango
    my heart jigs a tango
    shaking memory tree
    I am in a joyful spree


  2. I have been noticing how lovely these flowers are … the trees look gorgeous these days. The amount of activity a tree can have never fails to astound me!
    Yes IHM , trees are the best of the poetry nature can offer us. I love them too


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