Mango Dreams : A Poem

Lusty boughs

thick with blossoms

creamy-white profusions

sweeter than perfume

wildly intoxicating…

spring to life.

The Koel sings

somewhere from deep within

green parrots nestle

for close comfort.

Lazily I catch the

glimpses of drifting clouds

and blue sky

the sunlight filters through

the tender green

and makes a pattern of my face.

My hammock sways in tune

with the dancing branches

Mango dreams fill my heart

reminders of childhood joys

the swings, the luscious fruits

licking the dripping juice

flowing along the tiny bare arms.

Climbing and hiding

in the thick foliage

dozing cuddled together

with books upturned on bellies.

And then the days of youth

lying in each others arms

watching the bees gather the nectar

wondering what is more seductive

your love or the mild fragrance drifting

in the air around.

Today again, I sit under your shade

waiting in anticipation of a call

from a love who is far away

I close my eyes and wander down

the memory lane of mango dreams.

Pregnant with the hope of things to be

Your loveliness O mango blossoms

is too much

for this summer evening.


4 thoughts on “Mango Dreams : A Poem

  1. Tikuli, Your blog is a slice of India. That picture of heavily laden mango tree and a poem to go with it. Nostalgia!

    Can’t wait to be in India this Summer.


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