The Fruit of Life : Pomegranate : Health Benefits


Richly colored and delicious, pomegranate with its sparkling ruby colored juicy berries and immense medicinal properties, has been a symbol of health, fertility and rebirth throughout history.

The fruit is rich Source of many Essential Nutrients, like antioxidants, natural phytoestrogens, citric acid, essential amino acids, vitamins B & C and Iron, along with many other powerful health boosters.

Health benefits

The seeds of the pomegranate are very nutritious. The juice is rich in medicinal properties. It helps keep up normal LDL cholesterol levels and supports normal cardiovascular health. It is highly useful in relieving the effects of menopause and as a support to healthy immune system. It helps in maintaining normal blood pressure levels and healthy joint function and is beneficial in maintaining oral/dental health. The juice of pomegranate is good for leprosy patients.

Pomegranate is a perfect thirst quencher and energy booster during fevers as it is full of sucrose and glucose. It helps in all kind of bilious conditions, uterine ulcers, urinary disorders, typhoid fever, gastric and asthmatic fevers, and reduces high blood pressure.

Mixed with clove/cinnamon it is an effective cure for acute bronchitis, sore throat. The Indians consider pomegranate juice as a longevity drug. It is also a great memory booster.

The deep red fruits are a good laxative, and known to soothing in stomach inflammation. It is a tonic for the heart. It tones up the functions of the liver and kidneys. The minerals in the juice help the liver to absorb vitamin A from the food.

The bark, the rind, the roots, the tender leaves and the seeds all are medically beneficial.


We can merge it in daily diet by using it creatively.

Turkish, Greek, Iranian, and Indian cuisines use pomegranate in their dishes. It has an extensive use in frontier cuisine.


A bowl of fresh pomegranate berries, a glass of rich red juice, muffins, seasonal fruit salad, mixed with cereals, or as syrup, pomegranate has many uses in breakfast.


Pomegranate mixed in curd as raita, and in rice preparations especially Biryanis is delicious. Prawns cooked in pomegranate juice to gives them a distinct flavor and taste. It gives an exotic flavor as a marinade for meats and chickens especially Kebabs. Cold soups are wonderful ways to use it the daily diet.

Pomegranate Vinaigrette is an alternative for normal vinegar. Anardana powder, a spice made with powdered seeds is used in Indian cooking.


Desserts like fruit cream, Burfi (Indian sweet), custard, muffins, cakes; tarts etc taste delicious with pomegranate.

Sherbet, jam, syrups, and dips are some more uses of pomegranate.


Punches, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be made with the juice. Grenadine syrup adds zest to many cocktails. Smoothies taste great with pomegranate juice.

A pomegranate a day keeps the ailments away. Have a pomegranate for a healthy life today


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