Lazy Tuesday Ramblings on woman’s day and such stuff

Why are women such suckers for emotions ?

Just a random question that popped into my sleepy head just now.

Last few days have been a little freaky for me. All those health check ups, recurring dreams about strange things, a question session with self, changing patterns of a relationship, a writer’s block ( am I calling myself a writer by any chance ?) 🙂

I dragged myself to my blog on this lazy Tuesday afternoon when the merciless sun is shinning brightly in the sky outside my window, the crows are creating a racket on the fiery silk cotton tree and my younger son is snoring to glory on the bed next to me oblivious to all that’s happening around.

“Chill Maro mom” , he says when I try to involve him in sharing some of my mind storms. Sigh!!

Yesterday was International Women’s day and many of my friends were blogging about it frantically, congratulating each other and planning the day while I had a heated debate with mom about why I do not believe in women’s day or any other such day for that matter. Glad it was on phone and ended before my evening visit to her place.Glad that she too thought that celebrating “days” should be done with.

One day everyone is praising women, talking about their rights, the sorrowful state they are in, writing about equality and  then they move on and do the same about  some other “day”. Sigh!

Why I don’t like it ?

One , because I feel I do not wish to limit myself to celebrating “days” for me womanhood is to be celebrated each day. All those women who do not rejoice in it all the other days of the year are just not worth it.

Two, I do not like these gender specific celebrations and type casting which leads to comparisons.

I asked my maid if she knew anything about women’s day and she said, ‘ what’s that? Does it mean I get a holiday today?” she felt that all these things are for people  who have money to spend. Go to WD special events, sales etc.

It’s the day  for all the beauty products, household appliances, jewellery stores, fashion houses to offer discount sales for the ‘woman of today!’

I asked her how she knows about them and she said a madam told her to come early because she had a party for celebrating WD. she did not ask her much but came to know that just like V-Day it’s some sort of day for celebration and more work for her. She seemed pissed off with all these ” day” which means more utensils to clean and  no respite.

I ask , Women’s Day for whom?

For the ” women’s right activists ” to roll out speeches and take out processions and shout slogans? what difference is it making in any  woman’s life this celebration of WD? what are you celebrating anyways I question them? Have you been able to change the mindset of women as well as men?   if yes,  then we need to celebrate something.

Are we not creating discrimination and inequality by celebrating Women specific Day?

Tell me one thing , Are women downtrodden, supressed, subjugated, inferior class that they need a special day to remind the humanity of their existence?

We complain about society,men, laws, tradition, we never appreciate ourselves and change our mindset and so are losers,no one else is responsible. Unfortunately from female foeticide to dowry to many other things women are the abettors. They pass the age-old dogmas, rituals, orthodox traditions from one generation to the other and the chain never breaks.  Just a realization, self-worth  is needed.

I believe in Nari shakti, I believe in my worth as a woman as an individual, as a human being, I don’t need some day, some slogans to tell me that.

No one should. We are all unique, there is no comparison between men and women , both have their importance in the web of life and it should not be caged in some “day” which creates more divided. It does not help at all even to those who are seeking justice for “underprivileged women” across the globe.  Why is it said again and again that women are weaker sex.

Are we? NO

Beauty and brains 🙂

Does women’s Day bring any change in the mindset of millions of women who do not even know the meaning of womanhood and have little respect for being born as one?

I think I  have a big problem with the word Feminism .

Many of us women need to change the mindset. Men too are victims of abuses. They too are victims of sexist agenda. Does anyone talk about it ? Is there any place any law that gives them justice, any NGO, organisation that listens to them ?I know about one which I think is called Prevention of cruelty against Husbands. Never heard what they are actually doing. Men, they suffer in silence. Why ? Because  men are traditionally labels as tormentors. I do not deny crime against women are rising  and I too have many a times written about it but has anyone researched about crime against men . Yes it’s happening everywhere, just not in the focus.

READ THIS  .. I suffer in silence , male victims of DV

We need to focus  on what we are fighting against , Is it domestic Violence or DV against women? I am raising my voice against any type of domestic violence.

What would you say about 50000 false cases of dowry harassment every year. Around the same figure of men committing suicide every year. No support systems.

Social attitudes, that’s what it is all about. Both men and women are individually suffering on various fronts and fighting their lone battles. I don’t want this post to become ” who is more oppressed” debate post.

We talk about equality of sexes and then go one to celebrate Woman’s Day. Why is it so?

Hmmm.. well I think I got a bit  carried away. It has become a rant post instead of rambling

But I had to say it all.

I know some of my women friends may not like this and rightly so because  they are conditioned to think the other way.

Celebrate life, celebrate yourself each moment , each day. What you think you become.

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5 thoughts on “Lazy Tuesday Ramblings on woman’s day and such stuff

  1. You need to do some intensive mind clearing inside your head. Its not a writer’s block you have … its a brain that is working at frantic speed. Slow down and relax Tikuli. Remember that in 50 years we’ll all be dead. Being alive is a temporary affliction. Chill maaro

    Thanks Ritu , I need to chill really but wanted to take it out also. glad you could visit my blog and leave your heart print


  2. whoa! you start with the mention of emotion and what an emotional post it is! I agree with your point that no number of women’s days are going to bring any change to the working class woman or the average Indian woman’s lives. you are right — it is just another excuse for feminist organisations to hhold rallies, shout slogans and get media space.


  3. whoa! you start with the mention of emotion and what an emotional post it is! I agree with your point that no number of women’s days are going to bring any change to the working class woman or the average Indian woman’s lives., unless there is a change in the mindset of the people. you are right — it is just another excuse for feminist organisations to hold rallies, shout slogans and get media space.


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