Poetry : Beloved

A silence has descended
In our heart’s garden
Where love blossomed
And butterfly hopes fluttered in a
Kaleidoscope of colors
Where fragrant jasmine dreams
Intoxicated and merged
Our souls into one
Where silver moon shone each night
And days were kissed with lucid sunbeams
Where winds whispered sweet nothings and
And trees swayed with melodies unheard
Now I look at the willowy moon,
And at the jasmine vine
Clinging close to my window
The collage of your pictures
On the fire place mantle
Or the old letters, gifts,
All neatly tied up with silken string
Every thing carries me to you
Though you have moved my love
You see, you left a little of you in me
Little by little you drifted away
To some distant land guarded by walls
Little by little you pushed me away
And closed your soul to my cries and calls
If ever you feel that you need to come back
If ever your soul seeks me again
If ever the passions ignite your heart
If ever the memories of bygone love
Haunt your nights and visit your days
If ever the loneliness sweeps back again
And the longing, the urge grips your being
Then my soul mate, my love,
You will find me waiting
Just like before
For the fire in me is
Neither extinguished or forgotten
And the tender sapling of love
That you planted in the soil of my heart
Has taken firm roots and
Turned into a flowering tree
The fragrant breeze that flows
From my land to yours
Over the tranquil blue waters
And golden sand dunes
Like a guarding spirit
For as long as you live
Moves with you
Binding us together
With an invisible thread of love

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