The Miracle from Nature: Salt

From ages salt has been used as a healing agent. It sure plays an important part in our daily life .We have seen our elders do the “remove the evil eye” ritual with a little salt taken in the fist and circled 7 times around the body .It nothing but absorption of negative energy.

Rock salt has the power of neutralizing negative energy so do many other salts. Salt therapy has emerged as a great alternate healing technique all across the globe. In India it has been there since ancient times. It was even used in Egypt, Greece and China.

A swim in seawater substantially cleans the energy body. Sea salt stimulates the circulation, removes dead skin cells and polishes the skin to perfection, leaving one feeling absolutely refreshed and regenerated. Alternatively, a bath with salt and water does the same thing. The bath can be taken as follows: If you take a shower or bucket bath, after cleansing yourself with soap and water, rub your entire body (when wet), gently with fine salt. Then wash it off after one to two minutes.

Or, alternately one can put about one kilogram of sea salt or fine salt to a tub of warm water, and soak oneself in it for a few minutes then wash it off.

The salt helps in blood circulation and removes the yin from the body making it charged with positive energy. While performing this, the thoughts should concentrate on washing away all the worries, strain, stress, pain and hurt or any negative emotion. It also increases the energy levels.

Salt is used in witchcraft and spells also. It gets rid of evil spirits and circulation of bad energies

Eye Care

For tired eyes, one can bathe eyes in warm water to which ½ teaspoon of table salt has been added.

For puffy and swollen eyes, soak cotton pads in a solution of 100 ml water and one tablespoon salt. Wring the pads out and place on eyes. Then lie down and close your eyes. Relax and allow the solution to work wonders in a few minutes.

Skin Care

Mix equal parts of any good baby oil and table salt and gently massage this mixture on your face. The salt will remove the dead cells; the baby oil will soften the emerging skin.

To soften work weary hands

For hands that are tired and wrinkled with washing and cleaning up, here is a natural healing secret which is truly effective: Salt Soak.

Soak hands for 5-10 minutes in a basin of warm water to which three tablespoons of salt have been added. Rinse and dry. One can do the same for tired feet and cramped muscles.
Take half a bucket of hot water and put a cup of sea salt or normal table salt. Dip your feet in the comfortably hot water for 10-15 min. remove, wipe and apply baby oil. It works wonders.

Space Cleaning

Some times we feel that there is some negativity inside our home. We feel uncomfortable and stuffy. It is a good idea to first air the home. Doing a salt space cleaning session helps in this condition. Negative energy gathers and compounds to create more negative energy, that’s why it becomes essential to remove them when you feel that your space isn’t quite right. Our houses are charged with electromagnetic devices and these highly charged devices disturb  balance of positive and negative elements. Use of salt as space cleaner helps revive the balance.

Ignoring it is to allow more negative energy to build, and this can impact your health, your career and your finances, and even cause depression.

To clean your space of negativity you can wipe the walls with salt or sprinkle salt into the corners of the room. Be sure to sweep up the salt and throw it into the trash outside of your house or collect it and wash it down the drain. Do not touch the collected salt with bare hands.

I have very successfully done this and seen the difference.

Salt is used to treat many local ailments especially muscle cramps, sprains, body aches etc. It is now also used in spas as a treatment. There are many types of salt available in the market like the Epsom salt, crystal salt, pink salt, black salt, rock salt and Himalayan salt which is also biodegradable. As they cost big money, one can effectively use regular table salt also.

I have been using this now for three years and it really is amazing. Hot salt fomentation reduces arthritis pain and any other joint and muscle related pain. For that use a cotton cloth maybe the size of a handkerchief .Put a handful of salt on it and make it into a pad by tying it around. Heat a girdle or an iron and warm the pad. Apply that hot pad and foment the affected area. It really lessens the pain.

In alternate healing therapies salt is used as a healing medium. I experienced its beneficial effects during the ‘Reiki’ and ‘Pranik Healing’ sessions and they are simple enough to be done at home too. It helps remove all the toxins from the body.

There I learned that keeping a bowl of salt water near the patient or circulating a fistful of salt over the patient’s body 5 times and then draining it under open water, without opening the fist helps in reducing the fever I tried it with my son and bring the fever come down from 102 to 98 degree and it also made my son relax and sleep.

During positive affirmation or Reiki session at home, keeping the feet in hot salt water helps the negative energies to flow into it.

The natural salt has lots of minerals and has tremendous health benefits. Saline water gargles can sooth any sore throat, cutting down pain and inflammation in no time. It is helpful in respiratory ailments like sinus also.

For the wounds in the mouth, gargling of salt water is recommended. Salt stops bacteria and acts as a cleaning agent, removing dead skin cells and dirt from the wound. Homeopathy also uses a certain type of salts called cell salts as remedy for many ailments.

Apart from its healing properties salt has millions of other uses in our daily life. It is not simply just a taste enhancer.

If we light the candle and sprinkle a little salt near the wick, the candle light becomes brighter and wax does not melt as easier.

Adding salt to the water used for boiling eggs ensures that the eggs won’t break.

Adding salt to the fresh water aquarium inhibits parasites; it helps fight diseases in fishes and helps those who are stressed due to body salt loss. I do it regularly with my aquarium. Salt replaces the lost sodium and chloride ions that sick fish need. Adding salt to the water helps fish to cut the amount of salt that their bodies are losing, it is like providing patients with saline drips. It also detoxifies and improves the environment.

Sprinkling salt on kitchen shelves helps keep ants away.

Put salt in the vase of fresh flowers to keep them glowing long.

There are endless uses of this wonder from nature and we can say that it is worth its weight in gold. So keep some salt handy at home to keep the bad energies away.

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    Keep Salting…Keep Smiling.

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  3. Wow! This is amazing.. who would hv thought, isn’t it?
    thnx for sharing :)!!!

    You are welcome Pooja .. glad you found it interesting. I do the salt rub and water therapy and it’s so good.


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