Flavours and Colors of Weekly Bazaar

The weekly market is such a wonderful way to see and feel the local flavors. My maid dresses up in bright clothes, lipstick and a nice bindi to go for this monday market, their local mall. She saves money for this special day to buy bangles or any other stuff she needs for herself. This is where she buys her daily ration, clothes and veggies and also spends time with her hubby eating lip smacking chola bhatura and orange color hot jalebies over sweet nothings.

The market which is held every monday is a riot of colors from  farm fresh vegetables, clothes, jewellery, shoes, spices, utensils, plastic things and much more. One can see the mingling of rich and poor here. I often go there to bring the weekly supply of vegetables and sometimes some household stuff too. One can bargain and most of the time the stuff is alright.

The best thing is to observe the local lower-income group people all dressed in their Monday best  having a gala time. Kids , women, men all enjoying the evening bazaar. They meet friends, shop, eat and take home a lot of happiness after working hard each day.

Every time I go there I feel like capturing the beauty of the place, today although the local cops were on the move to collect their weekly “Vasuli” and not much of the crow was there I managed to click some pix.

The aromas, the typical shouts to attract the customers, the nok- jhonk of the vendors, the bargains that go on endlessly, the happy faces of the kids and all the good stuff at cheap rates at one place , that’s our Monday Bazaar. Can’t say anything about quality of pickles and ground spices but most of the other stuff is alright.  I often buy clothes for giving to the maids and other workers from here or simply give them money to buy things of their choice.

The best place for fresh veggies and fruits.

I think it is a great idea for local vendors and very convenient for us too.

7 thoughts on “Flavours and Colors of Weekly Bazaar

  1. My maid says she goes only after 9 pm to buy vegetables from Shani-bazaar, a similar weekly market. Like you said this is an event and mine goes with a bunch of friends. She goes late because that’s when, she says, you get great deals in vegetables – since the sellers don’t want to take any veggies back with them, they sell them at low prices.

    Yes IHM the prices go low with the sun 🙂 Your maid is right. We went around 5 so not much crowd was there but later it is so crowded that one can hardly walk. even two wheelers, cycles, carts all move in along with a steady stream of people.


  2. It is ironical that when you re in the Haat, you don’t quite realize what an amazing gamut of emotions run through it…people,colors,sights and sounds all flow together…and the photographs have captured the moments beautifully.


  3. Lovely snaps. You have captured a local Indian market so well. Its been over two years now. I miss the sights and smells of Indiyeah.

    Thanks for giving me a piece of India 🙂


  4. @IHM – they still have Shani-bazaars in Delhi? The name brings back memories…In the late 70s, my mom, sis & I used to go to one near Safdarjung Enclave…We got a lot of stuff from there and the best thing of all, we got to have Gaylord’s ice-cream!


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