National Girl Child Day Post: A daughter that never was and A Poem

I dedicate this post to all the daughters and their mothers across the globe. Let me begin by posting one of the most beautiful poems I have read about a mother daughter relationship. you can read the entire poem on kavita kosh site Mera Naya Bachpan by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan.

I always wanted a daughter and after my first child even thought of adopting one to complete the family but unfortunately the family did not agree and just my luck that I had another son after four years.

The radiologists at that time saw my desperation for a girl child and smilingly said, ” maybe it’s a girl, so smile young lady”.

Delighted I bought  little pretty dresses for the baby which was due anytime. When I found that I had a boy agai.n, I wept but then the cherub was such a delight that I gave all my love to him. I had to dress the little one in frocks and other girly clothes for sometime, to the dislike of my MIL but I fulfilled my little desire.

My little boy in a lehnga I wore at the age of one year

shubhang not even one in a pretty blue frock

I decided that day to do as much as I could for any poor girl who needed any help in any field especially education. I regularly help the girls in the neighborhood, the maid’s daughters and give out books, clothes and other things to the needy girls encouraging them to study and make their mark in the society on their own.

My cook’s all three daughters have completed their graduation  done courses in computers etc and are now working at good posts in reputed companies even MNCs. what a proud moment for a mother who is now nearing 60 and all her life worked in other people’s houses to raise , educate  and make her girls independent. all the three girls save money for their future and never give in to age-old customs and pressures of society. Kudos to one such brave mother and all her daughters.

Here are some lines from the poem I want to share with a translation by me . I can not match the beauty of the original but making an effort ot send the message to all my non hindi speaking friends..

मैं बचपन को बुला रही थी बोल उठी बिटिया मेरी।
नंदन वन-सी फूल उठी यह छोटी-सी कुटिया मेरी॥

‘माँ ओ’ कहकर बुला रही थी मिट्टी खाकर आयी थी।
कुछ मुँह में कुछ लिये हाथ में मुझे खिलाने लायी थी॥

पुलक रहे थे अंग, दृगों में कौतुहल था छलक रहा।
मुँह पर थी आह्लाद-लालिमा विजय-गर्व था झलक रहा॥

मैंने पूछा ‘यह क्या लायी?’ बोल उठी वह ‘माँ, काओ’।
हुआ प्रफुल्लित हृदय खुशी से मैंने कहा – ‘तुम्हीं खाओ’॥

पाया मैंने बचपन फिर से बचपन बेटी बन आया।
उसकी मंजुल मूर्ति देखकर मुझ में नवजीवन आया॥

My translation of these lines.

I was remembering my childhood

when my little daughter spoke

blossoming  my  little home

like a beautiful fragrant forest

” ma come” she called out to me in baby voice

she had eaten mud

her little mouth  filled with some and

some more she held in her little hands for me to eat

her  body radiating with joy and

every part of hers filled with wonder

her face beaming with ecstacy and the glow of victory

I asked ” what have you got?” ” mama eat” she replied

with a heart brimming with mirth, I said ” you eat”

I found my childhood again,

it returned in my daughter’s form

my life  rejuvenated

watching  her delightful charm


Give your daughters a healthy, secure, safe, educated, and respectable future. Let them blossom and fill your world with joy and pride.

Stop female infanticide, child marriages and crime against women. They have their own identity stronger than just being daughters, sisters, wives, mothers etc. Give them winds to fly and discover their own horizons.

13 thoughts on “National Girl Child Day Post: A daughter that never was and A Poem

  1. Lovely post. Beautiful, delightful, heart warming poem 🙂 I have read it in school I think… just remember the ‘maa khao’ bit…!!
    How do you type in Hindi? I have a Hindi poem I would love to share too.

    Now I am going to be grinning and thinking maa khao and tunhi khao for a while 🙂 Thanks for sharing 😆

    IHM 🙂 I love this poem , we have such remarkable tressures stored in Hindi poetry. Yea the “ma khao” lights my face and makes me feel like a little girl again. Had such a lovely childhood and a very loving mother and most encouraging dad. love them both for giving me a sky of my own. I copy pasted the poem from the main site. 🙂 normally there are traslitration sites on google I use them .
    Thanks for commenting.


  2. Love that poem and what a heart warming post!

    पाया मैंने बचपन फिर से बचपन बेटी बन आया।
    उसकी मंजुल मूर्ति देखकर मुझ में नवजीवन आया॥

    🙂 thanks Soli 🙂 glad you stopped by .


  3. You made remind some thing age old.

    This poem of Subhdra Kumari Chauhan have read i guess, when I was around earlier teens.

    I have been to Hindi lit. earlier too much then now….

    but main thing the spirit in the poem ……I don’t have words.

    Thank you!

    Thank you for your comment. Yea the spirit of the poem is what touches the heart. Though I have very intellegent boys with a open mind and power to discern, I still long for a baby girl.


  4. i remember studying this poem in school and learning it by heart all the lines… my sister has a boy and she too has a similar view of having a girl and dressing her up!!! and a really inspiring story of the maid… very well written!

    Thanks Parv the cook is such an inspiration . Living in a lower class background , under the pressures of family and relations, with a non working hubby and 3daughters for which she was always rebuked even after having a boy child, the courage and spirit of this woman is commendable.


  5. awww they are such cute pics tiku my heart also craves for a daughter and i have been working on my hubby to adopt one…. amen

    🙂 Monika thanks .. hope you get a baby girl soon :). Amen Somehow I am not able to open your blog, some prob I think. Will comment soon.


  6. My sister had done the same thing. She had dressed up her son in really pretty pink dresses and bows.

    Attitudes are starting to change in Indian society. Having a girl child was considered bad omen earlier and now people crave for one.

    Touching post. Your kids look adorable.

    The pix are of my younger one Shubhang. when Adi was born I knew I will have a boy:) . thanks for visiting and your comments.


  7. i think you should tell about the cook in a dedicated post… may be on this blog or sumwhere else… she’s a real woman of substance and we all need to hear her story!!

    just a suggestion..


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