Fare thee well : A Poem

Like a phoenix I rise

from the ashes of my dreams

my healing tears silently fall

taking away the pain and hurt

a calmness seeps inside me

like the first summer shower,

I am cleansed and refreshed.

The memories of the lost love

linger in my heart

like a soulful melody

I forgive myself and you

for the mistakes we made

I free us completely

from the unseen chains that

strangled us

It is a new beginning

for a new me

and for you my love

to win some other heart

3 thoughts on “Fare thee well : A Poem

  1. i have been a regular reader of your blog and i appreciate the way you present your thoughts.. i usually avoid long blog-post but yours keep me hooked!!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting Parv, I have been to your blog too. 🙂 will leave a comment sometime soon. liked the guest writer idea. keep writing.


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