55 Words : The Twist

Her mobile rang  in the darkness of the cinema hall

The man with her was a lecher.


“New party, big money, wants the best”.

“Waiting out side, black Mercedes”.

“On my way.”

Touching up her makeup, she walked to the car and knocked on the tinted window.

Her father’s face made her go weak in the knees.

63 thoughts on “55 Words : The Twist

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  2. Agree with gyanban. What you presented here as fiction is sadly what we get to hear a lot these days in real.

    Yes it’s true Deeps. I have seen and heard worse stories. girls are forced to what extremes one can’t imagine


  3. Once somebody on TV was describing Ravan’s character and saying he was bad but not as bad as some men in real life are – they told a similar story. Makes an impact. Shook me.

    IHM I know what you mean. we all have seen the plight of young girls, haven’t we 😦


  4. It would have been so embarrassing for both father and daughter.
    If her father was rich enough, why would she work as prostitute?

    Nethra, maybe if you see around you will find many young girls into this profession as escots, call girls just for quick money or many a times forced by the circumstances. when a rich father can call for a prostitute why can’t his daughter be one ? these are the hash facts of life all around us.


  5. Me wonders – Why would a girl with a father like that become a hooker. Please help me understand the thought here.

    She did not know of her father’s activities. Why any girl does what she does Rajnish?


  6. I know of a real life situation almost exactly like this one… heart wrenching to say the least.
    But you’ve done a phenomenal job of putting it up here…
    I am following you, needless to say!


  7. Everything was fine until I read the last line, I was in shock. TWIST. The very first reaction was “WTF” (this might seem a bit uncourteous as comment but is true). Good imagination. I just wish this never becomes reality ever.


  8. That was actually scary for both the girl and her father. I really hope that doesn’t happen with anyone in real life, although it does happen and it’s very difficult for us to stop it..

    Good one.. Loved it!


  9. Untwist : 55 Words

    He asked her to take the seat.

    She did.

    She felt ashamed like never before.

    Kept adjusting her low neck.

    The journey was devoid of any dialogue.

    He took her by the hand.

    Pulling her towards his bedroom.

    She was crying.

    Wanting to plead.

    But he wouldn’t listen.

    There on the bed.

    Mom was dead.


  10. I really liked your story. It’s always difficult to convey anything in such few words and it was beautifully done. Did you hear of it as an incident and then frame the story around it? I always find it difficult to find inspiration for my stories – especially fiction and when I do I have difficulty wrapping the story around the incident. You’ve done it really well. I just started reading your blog. I like it and I admire the fact that you blog so much.


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