Flash Fiction


You veiled your heart from me.

Yet I managed to enter your heart, silently on cat feet.

I came to steal all the sorrow, pain, hurt and suffering from you.

I even emptied my heart of my own burdens to make space for yours.

However, I realized you had buried them some place else, somewhere beyond my reach.

I felt pained and let down. I had a right to them as much as you had, may be more.

Still despite of all your silence and all your efforts to hide within your so-called shell, my heart found a way to yours.

You even dressed it in rags and made it beg.

It kept beating at the door of your heart, unconditionally without questioning.

Every time you try to kill it, like a  phoenix it rises again from its ashes.

The slightest breeze of love that is part of a bigger scheme of things blows sometimes even the heaviest of veils away.

Do not attempt to fight what is part of your destiny, have faith.

Sometimes we lose time and by the time we realize what we have lost it is too late.

As he stood by her grave, her words kept haunting him. A tear slipped through his soft brown eyes.

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