Cop Dies as Ministers Do Nothing But Watch

Cop Dies as Ministers Do Nothing But Watch.

I watched the video on TV and was shocked to see the helpless cop bleed to death on duty, watched by two Tamil Nadu ministers stood and watched.

Sub-Inspector Vetrivel’s life could have been saved if the ministers and officials who were present on the spot had rushed him to hospital. The state health minister, Mr M.R.K. Paneerselvam, and environment and youth welfare minister, Mr T.P.M. Maideen Khan, remained mute witnesses. This is the condition of our Incredible India where human life has no value. Instead of calling the ambulance or taking instant action by rushing him to the hospital in any of the cars no one bothered to move.

Such a callous behaviour towards a human life? The SI pleaded for help and one can see him gasping for life as the ministers and others make phone calls wasting precious moments. State health secretary V.K. Subburaj offered water to the injured man, but kept the bottle high up as if something will happen to him if he moved closer.  By the time  the police reached the spot and rushed him to a hospital  it was too late; he had died of loss of blood.

Sub-inspector, R. Vetrivel (44) was a member of the team that gunned down Veerappan in 2004, for which he earned a double promotion.

It fills my heart with anger and pain to see how crippled and inhuman our politicions are. These are the people in whose hands we have given the reigns of our country.

A brave cop who served  the force till his last breath dies not because of the attack by the gangsters but due to these creatures not fit to be called even humans.

Will DMK govt do anything for the slain officer and those responsible for his death including the ministers who did not even have the courtsey to attend the last rites of the brave cop?

who is responsible for  Vetrivel’s death- The anti- social elements or these two ministers?  Don’t you think these ministers should be sacked?

Tirunelveli District Collector M. Jayaraman told reporters,”  The sub-inspector was injured after being attacked by country bombs and deadly weapons. There were some unexploded bombs near him and there was some smoke. The policemen accompanying the two ministers were chasing the gang members. In all, there was a delay of only 10 minutes in taking the injured man to the hospital”.

If a brave cop can serve the state not worring about his life , why can’t the two ministers or any of the people travelling with them in the convoy show some courage and save him from death ? Was his life worth nothing as compared to theirs?

watch this video and read the above link.

Some people have raised a question about the moral code of conduct for the media. Well I guess saving a human life at any cost is the priority still the role of media is to bring the truth to us, to let people see the gruesome realities of everyday life be it self-immolation, floods, riots, or in this case the callousness of our ministers and others.

I think the camera person did a commendable job by shooting the incident. He was maybe just a rider with the entourage of the ministers and did not have any way to save the  dying man. The other people with more power and resources stood like statues at least he was just a bit more sensitive to the thing.

It is not an easy task to watch and film death knowing its your job and you are helpless in such circumstances.

give the man some credit.


4 thoughts on “Cop Dies as Ministers Do Nothing But Watch

  1. I have absolutely no sympathies for Politicians and Cops. These are breed of corrupted people, I feel for a poor homeless fellow in the cold, but not for this breed which has made our country a rotten place.

    Sorry don’t support your cause.

    Prats it is not just a question about the cop, it is about humanity. It is about the worth of a human life. Would you move away from a scene like this and let a man die just because he is wearing the uniform. we are first humans and then something else. There are good and bad people in every level of society but human life is worth the same for all. I am sorry you feel this way, think beyond please.


  2. Cool blog 🙂 i must say, i am more than just impressed.. awesoem writing skills.. i have a lot of tips to take from you .. 🙂

    Thanks Gopika . we are all learning from one another. welcome to my blog. keep visiting.


  3. Honestly Speaking I would simply walk away seeing the uniform.

    Just One Question: Do the cops think a second time while misusing their power? Did Rathore think a second while molesting Ruchika or torturing her family? Did the encounter Specialist thought before fake encounters? Did the Mumbai Cops thinks before they went dancing in Chota Rajan’s party?

    Do you think that cop in picture, in his entire tenure didn’t took bribe or harassed a citizen?

    If you feel he did, then I don’t consider him human and my humanity is reserved for humans only.

    Prats … well all I can say is be a little more compassionate towards human lives. we all have our faults but letting someone die in such a condition is not right. there are other ways to punish. you can not blame the entire force for some person’s action.
    rest each one to himself .. think about it with a cool mind.


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