Inner Chatter : A poem

This poem was published in the july edition of Enchanting Verses.

I sit and watch
stream of thoughts
flowing through my mind
negative, disconnected.
soundless inner conversations
irrelevant, contradictory, defying
uncontrolled inner chatter

slowly taking possession
of your entire being
without your permission,
a creation of the mind
the source of all worry
The inner chatter
your true master.

no cessation of speech,
never a moment’s respite
a kind of madness

I need to escape
from my own being
from one’s inner chatter
talk with me
I want to speak out not speak in

Rescue me
from this full-fledged lunatic asylum
that’s running inside my head
this expression of insanity

I want a release
from the mind,
inventer all my miseries
living your life for me.
I want to take that quantum leap
towards freedom

© Tikuli


9 thoughts on “Inner Chatter : A poem

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  2. Hey tiku

    Long time no see! How you been?
    Wish you a great new year ahead.

    And loved this poem!

    Rescue me
    From the imagined menacles
    ‘casue I have to untie the real ones


  3. Faith makes all things possible,
    Hope makes all things work,
    Love makes all things beautiful,
    May you have all the three for this New Year 🙂


  4. The inner chatter,
    of God and Devil,
    of silent breathing,
    of terrible humming,
    goes on forever,
    like a river,
    twisting, tumbling,
    loosing and winning
    so far as it goes
    they meet up finally
    and create nothing,
    noise subsides in silence,
    and the inner chatter,
    comes to a halt,

    wow this is beautiful , thanks for sharing your poem here


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