Held Captive by..

Words hold me captive

unheard, unsaid words

silent cold words

with sharp, jagged edges

pointed words

smoldering hurting words

words dancing in dizzy circles

clogging words

imaginary, jumbled up words

words rising in my insomniac mind

dormant words

words throbbing, pulsating, vibrantly alive

unemotional, impersonal words

shallow words

hollow words

claustrophobic words

limp lifeless words

heart wrenching words

superfluous words

melting words

fiery words

frozen words

lucid words

caged words

dark words

assertive words

mocking laughing outlaws

dry, shriveled words

murky words

entangled words

unexpected words

pungent words

futile words

momentary words

suggestive words

words lurking in the dark

smoky, blurred, shady words

carefully crafted

chiseled words

distant words

persuasive words

incredibly dramatic words

evaporating words

flawless fluidity

passionate words

love laced noncommittal words

panting, exhausting orgasmic words

hurried words

flattering words

irrevocable words

fabricated words

discolored words

strained words

tainted words- crimson

words that flatter your ego

contradictory words

rearranged words

Word Trap- tormenting, deliberate, schemed

ghosts of words

that tap my shoulders and follow me in the dark

fragrant intoxicating words

i am Imprisoned, held captive by your words




too many words …

-Tiku 22.11.2009

(Image courtesy internet)


15 thoughts on “Held Captive by..

  1. Words are they mere words
    all encompassing ,all including words
    frugal yet so expansive words
    enriching verse the oh so rich words

    Words words are they mere words
    giving expression expressing words
    thoghtfull ,thought expressing words
    melting merging consolidating words

    Tikuli you have a way with words
    never cease bein fascinated with words
    may your affair continue till eternity
    with spoken words unspoken words


  2. lovely.does not need any more WORDS to be said.
    I read it again and again.

    Thanks Mom 🙂 I am happy you could find time to read and comment


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  5. I spoke this powerful verse aloud
    It could be heard above the crowd
    No wonder its a tangy tuesday pick
    The words rap, my emotions they twist!

    Congrats Tikuli

    I love your rhyme I love your rhyme

    And happy that you could find some time

    Thank you Ritu for this lovely comment .. treasure


  6. Read it myself. Read it to my daughter. Wanted to rhyme, and hence the delay in commenting 🙂
    A post like this makes one want to respond with more words, ‘carefully crafted words’, ‘fluid words’, even ‘dramatic’ words… 😉 Will come back for that!!

    Thank you so much IHM . being appreciated by you is heart warming , do come back .. love


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