The song of love for my Krishna


This verse is dedicated to the love of my life ..

In the history of human consciousness Lord Krishna is the only incarnation of God who is so much in love with life. He fills the universe with the poetry of life, the music of love and the the divine dance of life.

He is my favorite Incarnation of Vishnu and much closer to humans than any other 36,000 known and 3.6 lesser known Gods and Goddesses of India.

His wooden flute is the symbol of life. The most beautiful of all the Gods, he stands in a dancing posture amidst the gopis( village girls),dressed in lovely attire with the flute touching his lips..
I find him sensuous and the dark limbed lover delights every pore of my being.

Ready to burst into a love song he resymbolizes eternal unconditional love. I am an atheist so few him as a great yogi who has tremendous balance in his life. An inspiration .. a joy to behold.. just like life ..

Here is my song for my Krishna .. my love of life

Keshava has returned
And the sky is brimming
With pure elixir of life

The thick monsoon clouds
Make my heart dance with delight
Lightning and then the thunder

A welcoming sign
For the swollen heart
To merge into my lord

The rain descends
Seeping into my very being
The cool breeze brings forth
The intoxicating fragrance of
The living pulsating earth
Fills me with you
O Krishna
We thrive in the passionate embrace
Of you and the life itself

The month of “shravan” is here
Pregnant with love’s sweet whispers
I have waited long
O dark limbed lover
To sing my songs and
Dance to the divine tune of
Your flute

My liquid eyes tremble with joy
The full berry lips await yours
Your fragrance drifts as I dance
In trance of your eternal love
O nimble footed Krishna

Your sensuous beauty
And our love
Spins me around with desire
And sends blood rushing
Through my veins
Yearning for your joyful touch

We draw into each other’s arms
Passion fills the universe
As I behold the face of my
Divine lover

Keshava is one of the 108 names of Krishna and it means the one with matted dark locks)
( image from internet)

14 thoughts on “The song of love for my Krishna

  1. A glorious hymn to love. This reminds me of something by Rumi. It is a love-intoxicated paean to the passion fueling all life into the future. And toward final communion.


  2. i just love this pic it was sent to me by the person who is very important for me n that person i would give full credit why now i am in krishna consciousness….


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