Poetry : Drama In The Sky


Drama In The Sky is the second poem which was published in the Guntur National Poetry Festival Anthology. I wanted to share it once I got the book. It is called “A Posy of Poesy”. The poetry fest was organised by Nagasuseela and Gopichand who also edited the book. The book has some very good poems from poets across the nation. My Blogger friend Nabina Das also has two of her poems in the anthology.
My first poem Detritus is already in the poetry section and here is the link to it .




A Gloomy day, definite nip in the air

The wind, strong and chilly

Golden yellow leaves of the poplar

Cling desperately to thin haggard branches

The silence is uncanny

Murky mist seeps through

The very core of my being

My thoughts are frozen in time

Memories close in like a blizzard of snow

The drama in the sky unfolds

A flash of lightning marks the brilliant opening

With thunderous applause it begins to pour

The trees, their heads bowed, cry ceaselessly

The wet sun struggles to release itself

From behind the heavy cloud cover

The spell is strong, possessed, I drift into a trance

The sounds of thunder & flashes of lightning cease

The curtain falls

Complete silence follows

Nothing moves, not even a single leaf

(Image courtsey Webshots.com Google search)

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