Nature’s Delights

The rains bring so much joy to the animal kingdom and the birds get set at this time of the year to make their love nests. Amidst the concrete jungle if you have lush greens around your home, then you sure are a lucky person.

Squirrels have made this park their permanent residence and they exist in peaceful co existence with dogs, birds and humans.

The area where I live is a paradise for bird lovers and if you have a keen eye for squirrels, mongoose and an occasional peahen, then your day is made.


The migratory birds can also be spotted or heard all along the ridge area, Mehrauli and the areas adjutant to it. The thick foliage is a perfect place for building nests and over the last one month hundreds of nests have come up on the Neem, poplar, Gulmohar, Ashok and many other big trees.

Bulbul Pair

Sparrows have suddenly made a welcome comeback and I am still trying to click some pictures of these swift chirpy little birdies.

Green Piegeon

Then there are parakeets, Maynahs, doves, seven sisters, pigeons ( including the green variety), crows, Bharadwaj and little sun birds.


we have at least 7-10 nests in the park in front of our home and the bird calls ranging from whistles, tweets to shrieks and chuckles, squeals and croaks fill the air at all times. The best time to observe is early mornings and late evenings but if the day is cloudy then one can spot many birds ll through the day.


It is such a joy to sit back and watch the acrobatics of these furry delights. If you have patience and can still very still they even venture very near to you and eat the nuts right from under your eyes. They know where they are going and enter the kitchen and go


There is a done that chases and plays with the crow , now this is something I have not seen before. Talk about loving thy enemy. 🙂

Overall it is one enchanting experience to live with these little winged creatures and the crazy bundles of furry nonsense day in and day out. Better than nosy, irritating, snoopy, self obsessed humans.

There is so much nature has in its treasure chest and it is for everyone who connects with it.

A love nest of Mynah has come up in our window and it is amazing to watch the life unfold amidst all this struggle of daily life.

pale blue Mayna eggs with a new chick


I feel blessed that there is still so much to enjoy in the crazy polluted city full of mechanical robots..

5 thoughts on “Nature’s Delights

  1. My day indeed is made… !

    this is lovely. felt as though myself out there enjoying it all…

    thanks for this Tiku..


  2. Okay…it’s me. Ready?

    Last thing first: I had NO IDEA that Delhi was swarming with creaking, spazzoid iron men and titanium women. I bet they just jay walk across intersections without giving it a second thought. Dang…Robot Metropolis! That is the coolest thing I’ve heard in the last five minutes!

    Squirrels knowing…and going. 🙂

    Talk about a menagerie! You have a world of living color and motion right under your nose. That final photo of the two birds in foliage is stunning! How cool is that?

    I enjoyed what you wrote and how you wrote it!


  3. Lovely. We have so many peacocks and mynahs and squirrels that I have started getting up early and going for a walk. It is heaven! Oh I love the monsoon season in this place ….


  4. Tim 😀 you delight me with every comment you post … I will one day collect them all and make a book of them in your honor. yea 90% of us are living a robotic existence. those who don’t are blessed .. thanks timo for bringing meaning to my work..

    Nandini thank you for gracing my blog ..:)

    Ritu you stay in an envious place ..I WOULD LOVE TO BE THERE AND SPEND SOME TIME ..


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