Detritus: My Poem Selected 4Poetry Fest Anthology


Guntur in Andra Pradesh saw more than 100 poets on 2nd July at the “2nd National Poetry Festival”. The Hindu covered the fest extensively.

A combined effort of P. Gopichand and Nagasusheela the fest was a huge success.

Two of my poems along with two of my friend and fellow blogger Nabina Das featured in the anthology called “posy of poesy”. We will get the cpoy of the book soon.

It is a great moment for me to be part of such a fest. We were invited to recite at the fest but due to some reasons We could not make it..

Here is One of my poems .. my favorite.


I watched her as she slept

Dejected isolated and dying

Her frail body barely covered by dirty rags

Devoid of dark mascara, fiery red mouth

Painted cheeks and kohl lined eyes

Her face resembled the pale wintry moon

The room was bare but for

Old cigarette butts & broken beer bottles

The air was laden with stilled hope

And stagnant stories of human lust

Pleasing hundreds of nocturnal panderers

Her nights were aflame with

Loud music, liquor, smoke & men

As a ten year old it had seemed

Like an unending circus

Now Twenty summers later

The circus has moved on

Leaving stumps of memories

& the ghost of my mother


Here is the link to Nabina’s contribution , a beautiful poem called

‘Finding Formother’

Finding Formothers by Nabina Das

Image from the internet PAINTING BY CLOUDE MONET of his dying wife.

Link to my other poem for the Fest anthology Drama in the Sky

10 thoughts on “Detritus: My Poem Selected 4Poetry Fest Anthology

  1. as u know i m quite talkative..n speaking 4 unending hrs is not a prob with me..but after this..even i hv lost my words…


  2. ooh lovely lovely Tiku…. A poem absolutely fit for the anthology. And thanks for linking mine on this blog, so kind of you. I like your Monet pic!

    Nice to know The Hindu covered it. Yay. and Congrats!! Love ya…


  3. This is superb – sharply etched with controlled sadness. Tiku, the very best with all your writing.


  4. Hi Tikuli,

    I like the underplay of emotions and the restraint..reminded me of kamala das’s the point, hitting hard!
    Nice stuff 🙂

    Like ur friend’s too….a it more though


  5. I thank each of my friends who read and appreciated my poem. These comments here are so much valuable to me than any other thing.. each of you touched my heart somewhere.. thanks again ..


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