The Healer : Pranic Healing or Energy Healing

This is the second post of the series The Light , The Healer and The Muse

This post is about a very special woman who helped me heal in one of the worst time of my life. She is not just my healer but also a friend and my akka ( sister).
When I speak of heart light reaching out and souls connecting with each other I also mean that some people just get directed towards you by some common factor and a special relationship is built on mutual love, trust and respect.

I came to know about Padmini akka as I call her, through her mother. It is now almost three years since I have a beautiful bonding with her and her Energy Healing has made tremendous quality changes in my daily life.

I was on the verge of collapse due to some health problem and was extremely depressed due to it all. Nothing seemed to take away my hidden fears and life came to a complete stand still. I knew all those who loved me were trying patiently to cope with my outbursts and continuous aches, pains and emotional problems. It was a trying experience for everyone.

Then one day I was given her phone number by her mother who was visiting us from Chennai and without even knowing me personally Dr. Padmini started my distant energy healing along with my medication.

I have yet to see someone with such patience and love that she has for everyone who connects to her. As she listened to all my problems she began her healing for me. She also suggested some changes in life style, gave me the names of books I could read and incorporate the suggestions from them in my daily life and as we spoke I felt lighter. Something drained out of my body (which I later came to know as energy blocks).

She advised me to learn Pranic Healing and go for a session in my city but continued to heal me on regular basis. We would talk on phone for long hours and it changed my thinking, my way of living and slowly my depression also evaporated. The entire being was filled with positiveness and good health in no time.

I trusted her completely and knew that her efforts from such a long distance will eventually cure me. I began to feel better and better and slowly the meditation, yoga, healing and complete involvement with what I LOVED TO DO became my priority in life.

Today most of the credit to my work, my sanity and good health goes to her.

Pranic Healing opened a new door for me and practically gave a new life. There are no words to thank Akka for bringing the change in every aspect of me.

I am not writing this post just as a praise for her but also as a testimonial of a patient who got completely cured. I want that all those looking out for health solutions of any kind should contact her and experience what I did.

Many a times I call her for some ailment which bothers me like my Cervical Spondylosis or sluggish GI anything that I am not able to tackle on my own or with medicine and she immediately sends Healing and removes the energy blocks giving me instant relief.

I have learned and benefited from her Energy Healing and it has made my system stronger.

There is a kind of relaxed feeling that wraps me when the healing is being done. I t feels as if all the negativity from the affected area is flowing out of my body and the relief is immediate.

I would like to share one such healing incident with you all. Many a times our pains are generated psychologically and they manifest themselves as physical pains.. acute physical pains. We are unable to find any reason for them and need to be rid of them as soon as possible.

Similar thing happened to me during my trip to Corbett National Park. It was late evening and in the middle of jungle I had severe abdominal pain. I was restless and the rest of the group worried. It irritated me and there was no medication available. I tried against all odds to call Dr. Padmini and she like an angel picked up the phone and listened to me very patiently. It was late and am sure she must be having dinner or had guests at home coz I could hear voices but still she gave me Pranic healing and told me to take a pain killer and relax my tensed nerves.

The healing does not substitute medication ..

I did exactly what she told me and within minutes I was well. The pain just vanished and I was able to eat my dinner too.

As advised I continued the pain killer for one more day and we were able to stay on for two more days, when at that moment our bags were packed for leaving.

So you can see how effectively this complementary therapy of healing works.

I am not writing about the techniques used in Healing as such, one can find it all on Google or write to Dr. Padmini directly to know all about it.
The idea of writing this post is to make people across the globe aware of the benefits of energy healing and have a healthy society at all levels.

Dr. Padmini sharma is a practitioner of Pranic Healing or energy healing – a complementary therapy, using prana or energy to heal the body and mind. She uses Pranic Healing to complement medical interventions in all kind of health challenges and also in improving quality of life. She conducts workshops and training programs in Pranic Healing meditation and stress management.

Here is a link to her LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Padmini Sharma

you can also contact her on the given email ID

Dr. padmini sharma

Pranic Healing Does Not take the place of medical attention and acts ONLY as supplement / complement to what ever mainstream methods that are currently available.

Please feel free to contact her for any guidance. Discover good can leave comments which I will forward to her but direct communication is better. Do pass the blog link to all friends if you believe in Energy Healing and get benefited.


Swirling psychic storms and The Light

Well the title is not my invention ..It came drifting to me from Roberto’s dream weaving. I don’t think he will sue me for copyright violations. 🙂

This will be a series of three posts The Light, The Healer and The Muse. Each is connected to the other and is an important part of my life.

As a little girl my mom put a scare in me when she announced that she could read faces. It was a revelation which I chewed for days and day and still could not digest. Every step I took every move I made was wrapped in silent painful fear that mom will know it all by just a look at my dirty mug. It really freaked me out.

Later as I grew up and sort of mastered the art of camouflaging my deeds or misdeeds or rather learned to logically argue about why I did what I did, she confided that it was a gift she was not very happy and comfortable about and seldom used it. It troubled her gentle soul and she made very firm efforts to push back the psychic storms inside her.

Meanwhile a new storm was conceived inside a tiny brainless head and it swirled and swirled filling up the empty spaces it found( and there were many).

I never really tried to look deep into what was causing those hazy premonitions and why my intuitions were always correct ..well almost always. I guess I did not try to comprehend the meaning of spiritual awakening.

Few years back I got interested in psychic,stuff,reincarnation,meditation, alternate and energy healing, dark creatures ( why they are called dark forces etc beats me) again and read a lot about it. During that period I also read Osho which brought tremendous change in my thinking. I STILL READ ALMOST ALL THE MYSTIC POETS, teachings of Osho, Buddha and many others. Being an atheist has made me open to all aspects of spirituality and I guess that’s a good sign. Learn about everything and find your own path is my thinking.

I am not a follower but I realized that Buddha’s teachings drew me to some levels of concisenesses that I never knew existed. said about inner light and connecting with the universe around.

I began to bring about the change and in that my Godfather played a great role. He became my light and taught me lessons of life that totally cleansed me on mental, spiritual and physical levels. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend and soon I began to discover things and learn some basic facts of life that I had ignored or pushed aside purposely.
He taught me the thumb rules of staying focused. Many I did imbibe but for many others my inner still rebels.

It takes a higher consciousness and totally letting go to master that state of bliss. To be able to understand it and be on that path in itself is a right choice. If we can not justify our existence on this earth if have no right to live and to do that we got to rise above our emotions of all sorts. A hard thing to do but not impossible. Maybe someday I will be able to do that.

I knew I had a gift and a light to follow so when I saw visions or felt the presence of someone or something around me it did not drive me nuts like before.

I was never scared but now I was not curious either, I LEARNED TO BEFRIEND WHAT WAS AROUND ME. Taking it as a part of universe’s connection with me. I believe there are souls who drift through the universe seeking other’s who can connect with them on some level and that’s the way our heart strings get attached to unknown people across the globe. Sometimes we are portals to some helpless souls who need to be cared and loved. I feel blessed that the creator chose me as a giver and not as a receiver.

During last two years of dedicated efforts I also experienced moments of trance in which for a few minutes (max half an hour) I felt the emptiness, the timelessness. At first I got worried but then my Godfather explained that it is a state of “dhyan” which is different from meditation, where for sometime one merges completely with the unknown something far superior then anything we know.

Twice I experienced seeing a bright white light and went into total blankness for sometime and then suddenly came back. In that period I once just saw brightness and on second occasion saw light and open green serene hilltops where I was strolling alone it was something magical. Both the incidents happened during a wide awake state and were not a part of my day dreaming.

At other times I experienced pain in the right side of the abdomen and the reason explained was energy trapped inside. It is not easy to follow a path of spiritual enlightenment and the more I tried to run after it and sat for hours trying to get the vision back, it just did not happen.

“One should let it come to you” my Godfather said. “Do not pursue it or it will fade away.”

Now I rarely go into that state but do get sudden intuitions, about people close to me. Many a times I do distant healing and send positive energy to those who are very close to me. I have not learned Reiki or Pranik Healing but have received both from experts. It does help in clearing the energy blocks.

In my case it is just love and prayer I guess and a complete trust in the process of the universe. It does heal you and takes care of you if you do not interfere and let it take its course.

I have seen healing take place, have connected with loved ones who are far away just by mentally focusing on them. Many a times I myself fall sick while curing someone but then that’s a rare thing. love turns you blind at times 🙂

I have managed to overcome my fears about the unknown and the visions have lessoned. for example the black cobra with a marked raised hood that I felt staring at me from inside the dark cupboards and any dark place has vanished. it used to be so freaky that even if I would get down from the bed in the dead of the night I would stop sensing its presence there. I would stop pulling out stuff from the closet and pull my hand back feeling it was there lurking somewhere. It annoyed me when it did not show itself but I never felt scared.

The visions we usually see are our suppressed feelings , thoughts taking shapes most of the time. Analyzing them may lead to some answers but then if they are not bothering then I guess one should leave them alone and soon they will vanish. The idea is to befriend what’s unexplained and unknown and not be scared.

There have been dreams which reoccurred for years and then just evaporated.

Strange things happen when you have something unexplained swirling inside you and I feel excited and enjoy my being different.

Many a times I write in an hypnotized state. My fingers just tap dance on the keyboard and then I only see what I have produced after posting it. For that time from start to finish someone else does the writing for me. those pieces of writing come out from some inner depths where I still have to reach.

I am glad that I got the right light to guide me. To help me discover myself and connect with my inner as well as develop an unconditional complete trust in nature. I see it as a woman. A supreme creator and benevolent mother of all.

It doesn’t mean I give up on my interest in mythical and mystical creatures, the unexplained, and the psychic. They remain my area of interest and maybe a day will come when I will be able to connect with them too.

Nature’s Delights

The rains bring so much joy to the animal kingdom and the birds get set at this time of the year to make their love nests. Amidst the concrete jungle if you have lush greens around your home, then you sure are a lucky person.

Squirrels have made this park their permanent residence and they exist in peaceful co existence with dogs, birds and humans.

The area where I live is a paradise for bird lovers and if you have a keen eye for squirrels, mongoose and an occasional peahen, then your day is made.


The migratory birds can also be spotted or heard all along the ridge area, Mehrauli and the areas adjutant to it. The thick foliage is a perfect place for building nests and over the last one month hundreds of nests have come up on the Neem, poplar, Gulmohar, Ashok and many other big trees.

Bulbul Pair

Sparrows have suddenly made a welcome comeback and I am still trying to click some pictures of these swift chirpy little birdies.

Green Piegeon

Then there are parakeets, Maynahs, doves, seven sisters, pigeons ( including the green variety), crows, Bharadwaj and little sun birds.


we have at least 7-10 nests in the park in front of our home and the bird calls ranging from whistles, tweets to shrieks and chuckles, squeals and croaks fill the air at all times. The best time to observe is early mornings and late evenings but if the day is cloudy then one can spot many birds ll through the day.


It is such a joy to sit back and watch the acrobatics of these furry delights. If you have patience and can still very still they even venture very near to you and eat the nuts right from under your eyes. They know where they are going and enter the kitchen and go


There is a done that chases and plays with the crow , now this is something I have not seen before. Talk about loving thy enemy. 🙂

Overall it is one enchanting experience to live with these little winged creatures and the crazy bundles of furry nonsense day in and day out. Better than nosy, irritating, snoopy, self obsessed humans.

There is so much nature has in its treasure chest and it is for everyone who connects with it.

A love nest of Mynah has come up in our window and it is amazing to watch the life unfold amidst all this struggle of daily life.

pale blue Mayna eggs with a new chick


I feel blessed that there is still so much to enjoy in the crazy polluted city full of mechanical robots..

~Drenched ~Healed ~

There is so much silence around even with the rain poring down ceaselessly. Everything seems to be in a serene meditative state. The trees, the flowers, the birds. All absolutely Still.

I look at the sky full of swollen clouds .. and step out .. it takes a few moments for the rain to seep through me and then the same
stillness passes through me. I stand there with closed eyes ..empty
There is still light outside though it is past six. I silently listen to the falling raindrops. There sound mesmerizes everything that it touches.

Slowly I open my eyes and watch the raindrops hanging on the clothes line .. merging sometimes into each other and then unable to hold on falling on the little plant below. nestling among the new leaves or the flowers hearts.

I watch the still pools on the side walks and the raindrops tap dancing in them. Suddenly as if the water had got feet and hands.. it runs down the narrow lanes, from the walls hanging and swaying from the branches, playing and dancing on the vehicles parked at the road side, gushing through the drain pipes and sliding like tears of joy from the glasses of the windows.

I allowed myself to become a part of the universe to merge with it.

I could hear the rhythmic beats and the showery dance of the rain as it fell on the tin roof across the road like innumerable dancing feet.


Today my silent tears stayed home and watched from the windows, the healing take place … the musical mystical magical healing of the rain..

The parched earth drank with pleasure the nectar of the life and I along with it received the warmth of your love. It is strange how the cold drops of water make you warm all over just by their gentle touch.

.. today the parched heart received its first healing rainfall

Today, I became the rain …

Love comes to us in many ways ..

It is not just a relationship …it is a state of mind …

qatran- e – Ishq

बन कर घटा यूँ आसमा पर
आखों का काजल छा गया
आज जो बरसे नयन तो
भीगे का सारा आलम साथ में |

खुली जो आँख तो हर हसरत
उठी जाग मन् की
मगर अफ़सोस खो दिया उसको भी
पाया था जिसको ख्वाब में |

दिन भर गुज़र गया
खुद के टुकड़े चुनते हुए
चली जो शाम – ए – गम की हवा
फिर से बिखर कर रह गई मैं |

वो इक पल प्यार की खुशबु
ना रख सके महफूज़
हम उनके हाथ में ज़िन्दगी
कैसे थमा देते ए दोस्त |

तुम बिछडे कुछ इस तरह से मेरे महबूब
के ज़िन्दगी की रुत ही बदल गई
एक तेरे जाने ने सारे
गुलशन को वीरां कर दिया |

तेरी हर निगाह पर बांध जाती हैं
हजारों उम्मीदें मेरी
यूँ इस तरह प्यार से हमदम मेरे मुझे
देखा ना कर |

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Narrative Poem : The Stalker (Revised)


On the far side,
alone on her seat
in the fast moving metro
he spots her
(the corner of the eye is cliche)

Some energy passes between them
she shuffles uneasily in her seat
glances around matter-of-factly. (avoid the ing)

A faded red coat and rough old denims
try in vain to protect her slender frame.
The cold bites.

Her raven hair struggle
to break free from under her
worn out scarf.

In her twenties
she ravishes the viewer
hazel eyes full of mixed emotions
her fair cheeks glow with a dash of red
stolen color from her dress
or is i biting cold bringing the hue ?

He wonders.

She flips through the magazine in her hands,
keeping to herself
occasionally pushing the rebellious curls
under her scarf.

Their eyes meet,
her lip twitches
makes her way to the door
alights at the next stop.

He too alights,
from a safe distance
trails her as she turns
on the empty stretch.
half lit by dull street lights.

She quickens her pace

He musters courage and
shortens the distance
between them.

Lightning flashes and
pearls of rain begin to fall.

She shivers
the cold wind
cuts through her slender body.

He notices her rough walking shoes
make strange crunching noise
on the wet pebbly street.

He digs into the pockets
continues to walk silently
just a few steps behind.

Pretending to be strong,
without a backward glance,
she walks on.

It starts to drizzle.

She opens her umbrella
filling the bleak evening sky
with white fluorescent stars

He tries to cover his head
with an old newspaper.

She gives him a baffled look,
their eyes meet again

“Cold wet evening, isn’t it?”
A cup of coffee perhaps?
there’s a shop at the next bend.”

They reach the crossroads

“No thank you I am in a rush.”

takes the other road.
Vanishing into the array of
dark ghostly houses.

He watches
until only her fragrance remains.

“Lavender”, he smiles to himself
kicking a perfectly round pebble
into the valley.

Poetry : Quatrain : Moon

Moon, you wanderer of the sky
Pale and lonesome, I ask you why
Even when with brightest stars you be
Alone in the crowd just like me

Your tears like lucid beams descend
And I wonder if my wait will end
Or I too shall long and crave for love
Like you lonely wanderer high above

Quatrain: Old Cardigan

I knitted myself a dream
A lovely cardigan in cream
It kept me warm on many a cold nights
And hung on my shoulder in bright day light

On its pockets two bunnies sit
Nibbling carrots bit by bit
It’s been with me since many years
Through all my joys and all my tears

Now faded and worn it lies in the chest
Of all my sweaters I loved it best
Fondly I caress my soft fluffy friend
And wonder why all good things come to an end ?

Poem:My Kitchen Cabinet

My Kitchen Cabinet

Spices, herbs in little jars

Salt and pepper, candy bars

Lined up bottles of pulses nice

Flour, semolina and some rice

Condiments that tastes so good

Pretty boxes made of wood

In them lies coffee and tea

Cookies, cereals for all to see

Jams, jellies, pickles and oil

on the top shelf tissues and foil

All I need is stored inside

My kitchen cabinet is my pride