Peace: The world waits for thee

I stand and watch
the tranquility and the splendor
of peacefulness in the nature
and in the entire universe
I listen closely to the sweet melodies
sung by the silence of the night
calm mornings and serene evenings
every thing from a blade of grass
to the stars that shine above
all live in peaceful coexistence
love and compassion
but somewhere a lonely child
weeps and mourns
afraid, wounded, tucked away
under a tiny shed
and in her lap lies
the blood soaked body of her dad
The war continues
flashes of fire and cries of death
shatter the serenity of the earth
another gunshot resounds
and then complete silence prevails
she trembles with fear
And stares listlessly
at the night sky
somewhere across the world
another child mourns
hungry, devastated, lonesome
the mother watches
as yet another closes his eyes
and transients into eternal sleep
a maelstrom inside her
resounds in the stillness
their heartstrings join
in prayers for peace
a million starlit dreams
of hope and faith
illuminate the dark night of terror
The universe watches
Will the prayers be heard
and peace return
to calm our inner and
heal the world?

The poem got published in the STEP newsletter to read the newsletter download the pdf file
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