Ramblings of a stressed out mind

Just a filler post. I wanted to take a much needed break. My mind is filled with all kind of stuff I have been gathering from the www and there is no better place than my blog to chill a little.

Freelancing for the first time took me over to Sydney and man what a place it is. Never dreamed that I would be taking virtual tour of this awesome Aussie city and it’s enchanting surroundings.

After all the research that I did, I can surely become a tourist guide and earn some dough. From scenic locales to fish markets and convict jails to swanky malls I went everywhere. So much so that I started feeling like a convict myself. Once the nature trip was over and we entered the modern city malls it was maha boring. I hate to shop and to write about it was a torture.

Well it’s not easy to earn the daily bread, is it?

Heard there was a place called Madonna’s Bra 😀 trust them Aussies for such spicy names. who wouldn’t want to go there.

Now am into wedding dresses and the all American big fat weddings.
why can’t women get married in simple denims and tees or just about anything. you send a lifetime of saving buying a bridal gown which would be shoved in the attic in a coffin like box.

The sad part is most of these Cinderella weddings end up in the court fighting over custody of kids, alimony and divorce.

what a waste.

Anyways as long as people want to read about it and I get paid , no worries.

Wish there were some hot topics to do. slurp …..Something like what my friend Ritu did 😉 hey Ritu care to share 😉

I also wanted to talk about an incident which happened near my home. A security guy died suddenly after office hours, maybe due to heart attack. He used to come daily from Rohtak in Haryana and as he lay on the bus stop none of the people came to see what had happened or inform someone. All that happened in next 1/2 an hour was – his mobile, wallet, chain, ring and other stuff taken away by people.

A girl who come to my house from a beauty salon saw all this and called the police who took the unidentified body.

It happened in most of the accident cases too. the person is left to die but his stuff is immediately taken by the crowd.

I wonder why we don’t have even the slightest of humanity left in us. It raises a big question on what kind of life we are leading as humans.

Another thing worrying me is the privacy in social networking sites. maybe it is time to do about a post on internet dating, net pals and other stuff.

Sometime back I did a post on my favorite women and it won’t be fair not to talk about the MEN 😉 hot sexy and talented..

So here it goes .. especially for all my women blogger friends.. have fun. read the next post.


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