Remembrance : A Poem


Silently I watch my sunset dreams
dissolve in the serene, endless evening sky
The colors fade slowly
turning from shades of crimson
to melancholy Grey and finally black

The speechless valleys
fill with shadows of memories
Bare leafless trees add to the
stillness of my heart

I walk a lonely path
in a never ending wilderness

My spirit numb from the pain
and the hurt of frozen love

unkempt promises, shattered hopes
pierce my soul like fragments of
broken glass

my eyes fill with the
mist of your love
as I feel the sting
of your absence

moments slip without a trace
on an endless stretch
I, caged, bruised and lonely
walk upon the crushed hopes
beneath the skies of memories

Hoping against hope
that some day the sky once again
will be lit with a million splendid stars
And you my wandering moon will
light up my life again

(Image courtesy google)

This is my last NaBloPoMo post for the month of may.

6 thoughts on “Remembrance : A Poem

  1. The imagery went very well and consistent with the melancholic feelings. The first para was Sheer Poetry.

    Thanks Rhett, glad you came by.


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