Award For Me … A friend’s loving gesture


tagged me to her post and passed the award to me. It sometimes feels so overwhelming to find such loving friends.

I am supposed to write 10 things about me

1. I am a true Libran so 10 points are slightly insufficient for me to describe myself :0

2. A complete netaddict and compulsive blogger. I have this insatiable hunger for writing and unless I tweet, blog, scrap, mail , my life seems hollow. 😀

3. I love nature, travel and am very concerned about the current state of environment , flora and fauna in my country. Especially the poaching and decreasing number of big cats in our tiger reserves.

4. I am a hardcore foodie and die hard chocoholic. Give me some bars of dark bitter chocolate or any other for that matter and a some books to read and you can lock me in the room till the two last.

5. I am scared of flying. very scared 😦 …Now don’t laugh .. I know it’s stupid but I love planes and speed and all that but I go week in the knees when I have to be part of the game. Hope I am able to get over it soon.

6. There is an inner child in me which very very few people know about. I love to connect with it and let myself go to another world away from the madding crowd. We are the best friends.. inseparable till death do us part.

7. I am a big emo person and get affected by even the slightest things. Good or bad. It really causes me many a heartbreaks but still I can’t let it go.

8. My sons are the biggest gift from the creator to me. I love to see them grow into good human beings and feel that somewhere I have justified my existence on earth by giving them the right direction. It’s another matter that they may not follow it when they leave me..

9. I love snakes, big snakes, spiders, and all such creatures :D.. I think they are mostly sadly misunderstood and people need to be educated about them ..

10. Ghosts, spirits, vampires and all the so called dark creatures are my favorites and I love to read about them maybe do a little planchet sometime. Death does not scare me.. being handicap and dependent does..

Like I said I am still confused if I have done justice to this post may be I should have written more but let me tag a few friends now








5 thoughts on “Award For Me … A friend’s loving gesture

  1. I was waiting for ur response… and here u r…

    its so nice to know more abt u.. btw my daughter is also true Libran, and I get along wid her like best friend… I am true Geminine..


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