I WON !!!!! YAY!!!! A Thank You Hug to All

The feeling is yet to sink in. 😀 .. After weeks of networking I finally made it to the top three and won the third place in the Mother’s Day blog Contest organized by IndusLadies.

Here is my entry which got me the prize

I Am What I Am Mamma Thanks To You(Indus Ladies mother’s day blog contest entry)

This entry got the maximum number of blog comments and was picked up by BlogAdda as

Spicy Saturday pick

I thank BlogAdda for the recognition it gave me as a blogger.

It was an out n out networking competition and many prolific writers participated in it. Some entries did not reach the top ten or top three due to lack of proper networking but they do deserve a special mention here .

Pal of Crocodile Tales

Ugich Konitari Guppa
are the two which really were awesome posts and deserved to win .

I would like to Thank IndusLadies, Ritu ( my friend, mentor and organizer of the contest), all those wonderful friends who voted for me, my kids and their friends who did major chunk of networking for me, Indiblogger and other communities,My firends ,communities on social networking sites like like Facebook, Orkut which supported me all through and most of all My Mother without whose love and unconditional support this would not have been possible.

A perfect mother’s Day gift for me 🙂

So here is a PKJ to everyone (pyar ki jhappi)

Thank you and Cheers!!!!!!!!!

Time now to celebrate 😀

7 thoughts on “I WON !!!!! YAY!!!! A Thank You Hug to All

  1. Thanks for the mention Tiku. Yours was a post from the heart and deserved a winning place.

    Baaki sab networking ka kamaal hai 😛


  2. Hi Tiku,
    Congrats on winning! You completely deserved it. And it was awfully sweet of u to have mentioned my post.Thank you so very much!!
    Cheers.. Pal


  3. Congratulations on the wonderful honour, Tikuli, and what a pleasant surprise to see a link to my blog on this post….greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes,


  4. Shweta, Rtu ,Shail, Suranga and dear Pal thanks for the appreciation .. It really feels awesome to connect to friends like you all. keep visiting ..


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