Welcome to the Shoelympics

Welcome to the Indian Shoelympics

The Iraqis have been a great inspiration for us Indians who love to find new ways to express their emotions. Such passionate people we are. Passionate about everything from Politics to Movies and Sports. So sitting in my balcony watching a puppy play with an old shoe I thought
“What a wonderful event it would be to hold ‘SHOELYMPICS

Targets : from politicians to film stars and all those whom we would love to show we care for the country.

Types of missiles : Stilettos, Kolhapuris dipped in oil, high heel boots, pumps, hiking boots, rubber slippers, sneakers, sports shoes, studs 😀 anything will do. It just has to hit the right spot.

Participants : All those who have aim, precision, past experiences of throwing shoes at important people etc. One can hire any such person also. We need no resume for that just the drive and passion for shoe throwing.

It would be a great boost for shoe companies who can design special shoes with added benefits and they need not be in pairs. They can be given special names and could be made to order also. Tax Free for aam junta and designer ones for those who love to do things in style even if it is shoe throwing. They can cash on the advertising by making their shows rank number one at shoe throw events.

We can have talent shows on TV for best shoe thrower from all regions and then the mega finale with some well known public figure as chief guest who will be paid handsomely for being on the receiving end.

A publicity for one and all. There will be special editions of magazines and CD’S DVD’S to teach ” how to throw a shoe perfectly

Bollywood music directors, lyricists and singers will come out with the ‘shoelympic theme song

The winner will be awarded a golden shoe depending on the category he participated in. There will be separate categories for Industrialists, politicians, actors and actresses, socialites, sports persons etc and a common man choice category where they can decide on whom they would like to throw a shoe.

There will be heavy betting on who will get the most number of shoes thrown at him/her and bookies will make more money than they make with cricket or even general elections.

Apart from the shoelympics, shoe throwing will open many new possibilities. All page3 people will hold a shoe throwing party at least twice an year and the media will have something new and exciting to write about with great pictures of smartly dressed socialist
in their ‘oh so damn expensive shoes’ throwing shoes either at each other or on hired netas, stars sports persons etc. these people will charge hefty sums for gracing the party.

Offices can have a staff shoe throw contest at the year end where the bosses can be hit with max number of shoe throws. Employees can take out all their grudges at this event.

I found that the shoe throwing thing actually has a lot of potential and can be immensely entertaining.

Any more ideas are welcome from readers.

Do put in your views in the comment section about how we can make this a huge success.

Shoefully Yours



6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Shoelympics

  1. I think govt. will then subsidise the shoe rates .. so that more and more people can participate in this “cause”..
    And who knows may be a tea company organises a campaign like jaago re .. with punch line “Agar aap juta nahi marenge to koi aur maar dega” AND “juta maro .. juta maro.. kise juta marein”
    Then NGOs will hold workshops explaining different genre of people we can attack..
    And there will be B.SC juta maro(H)..
    Oh my imagination running leaps and bounds..

    A good one Tikuli.very hilarious..keep blogging

    Hi Shweta you got some fantastic ideas :D.. yea let your imagination run wild. Maybe children will write essays on jab maine pehli bar joota mara or joota kaise maren
    writers will come up with joote marne ke sua tareeke
    netas will pride themselves on I got the max hits and much more 😀 …
    thanks for your comments


  2. Hi Tiks , Shoes are definitely going places …LOL ( no pun here )
    Some ideas for innovation in my blog “Interesting Possibilities” on similar incident at


    I guess its an election time hazard as people are more peeved with politicians than anyone else.

    You been writing THREE posts ( or more ? ) a day ! Good Going :)….


  3. Gone were the days when Missiles were weapons. All this recession has caused a stir for the serach of a new weapon namely shoes!!! 😀 I am not throwing away any of my shoes anymore! They might come in handy!! :d

    Hi Revathi
    You are so right 😀 do keep collecting all your shoes. They are precious


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