I Am What I Am Mamma Thanks To You(Indus Ladies mother’s day blog contest entry)


The telephone rang in the morning.

“Can you come over this weekend to help me pack?”

“Help you pack? Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes, I am off to Greece.”

I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Then my initial disbelief turned into a smile. That’s my mom, full of tremendous courage, sense of adventure and a never-ending passion for life.

It was an inspiration and a joy to watch her child like enthusiasm. She had always dreamed of traveling around the globe.

Not at all concerned about her frail health, her age factor, or traveling alone or any such issue she went on to live her dream and came back beaming with excitement and fond memories of the two countries she visited Turkey and Greece.

We were happy for her and thought that now that her desire to travel has been fulfilled we can relax. But within a year she was packing for her sojourn in china. I asked her if she had any more surprises up her sleeves. She laughed and said, “Life is short and there is so much to see and enjoy”.

Recently the whole family had gathered to celebrate her birthday. The laughter, sighs and animated voices filled the house as my mother narrated stories from her life and recent travels. Working in the kitchen I smiled as I imagined the 78year old graceful woman, full of life and joy surrounded by her teenage grandchildren.

I wondered why it took me so much time to really understand and know my mother and the answer was simple enough, maybe I never looked at her beyond the image of a parent. I felt a wave of regret pass over me thinking how much I had missed in life

I went and kept my head in her lap trying once again to be the child whose life completely revolved around her mother.

I had always admired the inner strength and courage and her belief in herself that she had all through the life but it was amazing to see her so full of life even with declining health and old age.

Eldest amongst her five siblings, Ma was born in an average middle class family of educationists. She spent her early years in Theosophical Society Banaras. Her parents supported her in pursuing higher education. She had a very sound cultural background and always mentioned that she was fortunate to have been born and brought up in that time and place.

She had to share the responsibilities of taking care of an ailing mother, younger siblings and had to work from an early age. She taught in residential schools at many places away from her family for a long period of time. Marriage and children added to her responsibilities as she singlehandedly managed home and work.

Nine years after her first child she could finally afford to have another baby. I was born under difficult circumstances. A complicated case of Placenta Previa put our life in danger with nil chances of survival especially for me. As they say destiny is nothing but the strength of your desires we both lived and there in my mother’s arms we reassured our bond that would last a life time.

Ma wrapped up all her dreams and desires and although she had many opportunities she made us her fist preference.

At the age of 60 she retired from govt. service and was just picking up the loose ends of her life when my father fell ill. For the next 10 years it was a test of her mettle and took a toll on her health but even in those adverse circumstances she never gave up.

My father passed away and suddenly there was a vacuum in her life. Tired and broken from the struggles of life she intended to live quietly in some old age home but we insisted that she start her life afresh.

Slowly the spark which had got weighed down by work and responsibility became a flame again and her passion for life returned.

Once again we saw the glow and child like curiosity and sense of adventure in her. Even now people find it difficult to believe the kind of enthusiasm and zest she has for life.

After 17 years of marriage and becoming a mother myself I realized I had lost myself somewhere and felt empty from within. Ma constantly encouraged me to find my place in the bigger scheme of things and do justice to my existence on earth. Her attitude toward life inspired me to become what I am today.

I learned to fight my own battles, to speak for myself, assert my individuality and un-warp my dreams and realize them. Protecting and nurturing me, she gave me courage and unconditional love and support to rise above the challenges, just the way she herself did.

Now at the age of forty one, with my boys grown up, I too have decided to follow my passion to write, to explore the possibilities that lie ahead of me. I am now truly proud to be my mother’s daughter in every sense of the word.

She helped me become a better human being, a much more confident woman and a responsible person.

It is such a joy to watch her take on life with so much zest. At her age she is one of the most daring mothers I have come across. Always ready to try and do something new. She even enrolled herself in a Spanish language course lest her wanderlust should take her to the land of Flamenco dancers.

I closed my eyes as her soft fingers caressed my hair. Slowly a tear tricked and slid down my cheeks. I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled closer.

I could still hear the continuous rambling of the four friends around me and now it was her joyous laughter and children’ chirpy stories that filled the evening air.

“Did you have a blogger mom and a net savvy super cyber grandma, Nani?” My little one asked her.

“I have.”

I heard the pride and affection in his voice.

Oh yea, Net savvy all the way I smiled to myself. She signed up on Facebook and Orkut to communicate with people of different places and learned the tricks of cyber world in no time.

It is with a very warm feeling of pride and love that I write about her today. A mother every girl would want to have, a grandmother whom the grandchildren treat like a friend and above all a woman of substance that even the Creator would feel proud of.

The treasure of life and the small things that I learned from her about living life have enriched me and made me what I am today.

I wish her good health and many a glorious years ahead.

IL Mother’s Day Competition


64 thoughts on “I Am What I Am Mamma Thanks To You(Indus Ladies mother’s day blog contest entry)

  1. Hi Tikuli,
    Came over from the IndusLadies site. Very touching tribute here, from you to your mum. It is true..its our mums who make us what we are. While we do criticise them in our teenage, it is when we become mums ourselves that we realise all that they have gone through in this awesome and challenging journey called ‘motherhood’. Hope your mum reads this. This is a trophy in itself 🙂

    Thank you very much Pal I am truly touched by your comment. My day is made. love ya. keep touch


  2. Tikuli, loved the way you bring your mom alive for me with your words., We do take very long to appreciate the true mettle of our mom, for the longest time its one dimensional and she is just mom.

    I have seen you transform yourself too and this tribute to your mom comes from that change too, Wonderful!

    Thanks di you too are responsible for the change in me. thanks sweetheart.


  3. I am speechless… your mom deserves all love in the world.

    add her on FB and send your love 😉 thanks sweetheart


  4. what a wonderful way to say i love you mom for what i am. touched simply superb in simple words. tikuli .

    Thanks Parul this came from my heart. you got to meet her know her. May be some day meanwhile orkut rocks:)


  5. I love your mom!!! she is such unbelieveable!!! she has more spirit in her than ostensibly ‘young’ people!!! wow!!! and i’d love to meet her!! and you have inherited her zest for life…even if you let it lay dormant for a while and you know it’s a fact…we shouldnt just lose ourselves in our roles with regards to the family, the pressures to do so are all the time there but why?? thanks for sharing your ma with us…please give her a big, big hug for me 🙂

    Gul thanks sweetheart for your comment. I will certainly call you over the day she visits me. I will surely pass on your hug to her. love you.


  6. Truly a great mom you have Tikulicious … reminds me so much of mine. Maybe a couple of yeras elder than yours, but just as fulll of zest for life. She has an aura of her own, and it is obviously well loved – friends and relatives of all ages flock to her. Maybe we should introduce the two of them sometime.

    Great writing … enjoyed every word of it. And keep up with the writing … 🙂

    Hi Jas I would love to meet your mother one day and of course we can arrange a meet between the two grand ladies some time:). Thanks for appreciating


  7. Hi Tiku!! Very niceee enjoyed reading your tribute to your mom.. it is certainly important to remember their roles in our lives.. so easy to take it for granted.. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Thank You Uma. It is wonderful to see you on my blog. keep visiting


  8. Hey Tiks it sure is a wonderful dedication to ur MOM that has been worded so well by you…We sure take our parents for granted and never realise their worth till maybe we ourselves become parents..The realisation dawns on us and when we want to do so much for them most of the times they are no more with us…Brought tears to my eyes as i remembered my Mom who was more of a friend to us and always wanting to do something new in life(so much like your Mom)…We were made Motherless very early(some 14 years back),which left us with nothing much that we could do for her in her old age…Cheers to our tribe of Mom’s and hats off to your Maa..

    Thanks for such a heartwarming comment smitz. I can understand your feelings. I felt the same after loosing my dad. You are a wonderful mother and am sure your kids are so proud of you. I am as a friend. love you girl for the zest of life in you.


  9. Lovely to read about your Mum Tiks….she sounds an amazing person. May she add many, many more places to her list of travelled places. God bless!

    Thanks Diana. stay connected


  10. This is a beautiful account of love.

    When a daughter becomes like her mother, her purpose in life is fulfilled 😀 Many congratulaitons on that.

    My grandmother is like your Mom, and my mom is like her and now I hope to become like them.

    Thankk you for this ownderufl inspiration.

    I am so touched by your comment Harsha
    bless you girl. I wish I could meet your Granny and mom .. mother’s are exceptional be it anywhere ..thank you so much for reading and appreciating


  11. You are so fortunate to have a life and a mom who is a blessing to you. Reading this helps me understand why your work is focused on spiritual issues.

    Joy it is a pleasure to see you here. thanks ever so much to find time and read .love ya


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  14. came here from Il…

    i loved what you wrote here…if only every child could tell their parent how much they mean, it would make every sacrifice worth it 🙂

    i hope your mother reads this and am sure she feels equally blessed…

    Thank you Suma hope you will vote for me. This for my mother. love you ma


  15. What a woman! I salute her.
    Wonderful post. “I never looked at her beyond the image of a parent” Loved this sentence. True oif most children even when they grow up to be adults. We talk of treating our children as adults, at the same time, adult children too should learn to look at and treat their parents as individuals not just their parents. Simply love and admire the woman you have portrayed here. Bravo. I dream of traveling just like your Mom./ Maybe some day… who knows! 🙂
    Am also glad that you are realising your dream of writing. Wishing you all the best.

    Thank you Shail. you sure will realize your dreams. never give up on them ever. My mom is such a joy to be with I wish I had seen that side of her as a kid … hope all those reading it will learn to appreciate.


  16. Hey tiks… what a ‘grande dame’ your mom is… to be winging her way across, by herself, to different ‘nouvelle’ countries.. at this age… salute to her.. and hey, i love the way you have related her story… it is obvious that you two share very close ties… 😀

    Thanks Aparna we do share very close bond of love in fact our heartstrings are attached 🙂


  17. dearest child,
    I never knew i had all these sparkles in me!!I am absolutely overwhelmed.I know i have my childrens’ love but on reading this i got a new insight —-saw myself anew.AND more importantly saw you my little one, once again as a truly good human being on the hard and difficult road called Maturity.May the music of the spheres give you joy and the universe light your path.more strength to you in every step undertaken.amma

    Ma stars don’t know the brilliance they have it is we humans on earth who are captivated by the beauty of them. 🙂 you are a source of joy and strength to both of us. As I said I am who I am thanks to you mom . love you lots.


  18. ok, got it now.
    I thought YOU might make a better mom 😛
    And your kids would write something like ” Stop ! Or my Mom will Shoot “… LOL
    Fire on, Tiku , Good Going.
    Reading second time, once on the day ONE , now on day LAST ..you could now call it a nicely packaged entry , Right ? 🙂
    Be Smiling

    You followed my mom, her name is Sushama 🙂 thanks for your comment CP I would love to see my kids write that article Amen to that


  19. Hey Tiks,

    After talking to u i decided to go thru the writeup and was engrossed till i finished and realised in the end that my vision was blurred with moisture.
    You are a fabulous writer and know how to put your hearts feeligs on paper.
    Keep it up Tiks.
    Ull be what u wanna be……..one day.

    Cheers !!!!

    Thanks buddy. hope I get what I want. vote karo


  20. Hi Tikuli,
    ur post in CC led me to one of the awesome tribute /I hv ever read/ of a dotty to her mom. She surely is an unbelievable MOTHER living, enjoying n learning (french, computer, net…) life to her max..
    BUT more incredible is the way you have penned her vivid persona with simplest of all words… words of admiration are most important in any relation, but unfortunately many of us silently praise and hesitate to sign our approval… in close relations…

    you both surely deserve a super grand salute…

    Cheers to the Mom-Dotty bond !!

    Thank you so much Chittaranjan .. Your comment really touched my heart. I hope each child will see the parent in this light too and honor before it is late



  22. logging in after a long time …this made gr8 reading
    hats off to both mom and daughter.
    lots love to both of u


  23. A lovely tribute indeed, Tiku!….What more can a mom ask when her grown children, and even grandchildren stay connected in such a warm way!….She sure did everything right in life…and continues to….God Bless….


  24. Dear Tikuli,
    Nice and very emotional story by you. Good job done and keep it up. By the way I have voted for you.
    Sudhakar Tyagi


  25. As I was reading this post, all I felt was awe, respect and more respect.

    I wish your mother health and happiness for years to come.

    thanks Aathira I hope the entry gets it’s due


  26. In the begining i felt it was a story of an individual being told,but while reading on, i realised the sacrifice mother makes for the family,which is aptly told in the story, which we tend to forget,rather ignore.anybody would relate to the story.well done n all the best for your mother’s dreams and health.

    Thanks so much Sukhi and CA.


  27. U know what..I think Old timers are fab!! they have this amazing spirit and Joy de vivre!! My grandmom was fab too..Sadly she is no more. And this is a brilliant post because it deals with emotions too close to my heart!

    Reva I agree with you. My granny was such a grand person the first few women who did M.Sc from Ferguson College in Pune. She was amazing woman no wonder mom got her best of everything


  28. Hi Tikuli,

    You wont know me, however, Sujatha asked me to vote for you and of course I will, That was a lovely writeup and your mom mus be a real fun person and that is also been passed down to you. Keep it up and all the best in life 🙂

    Thanks Nazz I really appreciate it. do vote on the link.


  29. Lovely to read such a touching and very expressive way of your writing–Tiku
    I like your writing,keep it up


  30. You have a great lady as your ma. You are also a good woman. Cheers to both f you.
    I am happy for you and for your family. May her next stop after China be the moon!


  31. Hi Tiku………M speechless..trust me. I can just say that going thru ur write up……i very strongly felt for my parents.though they r always very near to my heart.
    I cud feel ur heart nd the feelings there…….nd i know they are shared with every daughter.
    love u dear….nd may God bless u nd ur mom
    My regards to ur maa

    Thanks Neelima I really appreciate your comment will concey your regards to her .. lots love .. hugz


  32. WOW Tikuli, this post is seriously mindblowing as well as beautiful as well as thought-provoking.
    Regards and much respect to you, your mother and the relationship you share.
    – Suki

    Thanks suki hope you vote for me and make it a winning post .. will convay your regards


  33. Beautifully written Tikuli! Reminded me of the wonderful relationship I had shared with my mom before she passed away 11 years ago. We were the best of friends.

    All the best to you and your mom – two extraordinary women in this world.

    dil se,

    SImi sweetheart thanks your mom knows you have been a gr8 friend anda lovely daughter ..she is watching over you girl .love ya


  34. Voting for your entry. Not because of the appeal on the NaBloPoMo, but because it is a touching tribute to your mom. Also wish her a long life and hope she continues to inspire you.


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  37. Hi. Beautiful words about your mom. I’ve been trying to get the history of the Aisola Inian Tribe. Your the first person I have contacted with the same last name. I am african american with little knowledge of my inian heritage I have always been told that the Aisola tribe has a great history and I’m sure there are wonderful stories to be heard, so I’ve began my search with you. If there is any information you could share I would be extremely helpful to me.


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  39. Hi Tikuli,
    For you, I must be among those hundreds who adored this post… but for me this is the most touching and inspiring piece of art that has stirred my soul. I love your mom for her fathomless courage and spirit. I know, u know that u are blessed to be her daughter.
    I just wish I could Hi Five her for her GO-GO spirit.


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    information you offer. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material.
    Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your
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  41. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme.

    Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it
    for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. many thanks


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