Endless summer…

Some days never end and then on top of that they bring no solace to the already aching heart. Slowly one gets consumed by the heat outside and the fire within. Wish it was the creative one. There is so much on hand and so little time.

Sometimes I wonder about the way life takes us on the unwanted roller coaster ride. with no protection gear, no support, nothing to hold on. only your will to hang on and live.

Why does someone’s desire to live dies? why a person looses the grip on the life? why is it that people make walls around them or take shelter in a shell thinking the storm will pass. what prompt them to give up? questions I kept asking to myself all day.

Can love and care bring a change or is it a thought just to console oneself. what about distances? why sometimes even if the hearts are one the physical distances seem monstrous? The feeling of helplessness overpowers the entire being and one feels week and let down by life itself.

sometimes I wonder what role you have in my life or I in yours. Why destiny brought us together. why our heartstrings got attached from nowhere. why two people, miles apart feel the pull, the connectivity towards each other. unheard, unseen , why the heart aches in each of us.

May be it is to know each other, discover the hidden aspects, unravel the secrets, remove the dust of yesteryear and bring a new dimension to each others life. To find oneself by touching each others life.

Maybe in your eyes I can see myself more clearly just the way you too can. That gives another perspective to how we see ourselves.

Sometimes it takes another person to complete oneself. The other half, something which was missing from the jigsaw puzzle called life.

Maybe our vision is incomplete without each others sight our mirrors blank without each others reflections.

I see the pain, the hurt, the longing and the need but am helpless. you feel the helplessness and that adds to your pain. what a complex situation something we can not get away from. Neither can we solve it nor can we get away from it.

But I keep the faith , faith in the universe, in the nature that heal and loves and cares because you are part of it. I have faith in my oneness with the cosmos.

I know that I can weave my dreams and see them take shape in the pattern I want to if I am passionate about it and the universe will guide me to achieve those dreams.

I trust that if you open your heart to me to love to the positive energies around you life will respond, it will breath again, you will be alive with fragrance of your dreams.

Someone said if you do what you always did , you will get what you always got. So do something different.

I want to believe that things change, times change, situations change. Life gives you another chance, chance to love to care to be loved and cared. To let the creativity flow again.

But does it work, it did not today. I have not done any creative work today not in writing not in any other thing. The heart is still heavy with various things. Absence cuts like a knife. The heart bleeds, breathing becomes shallow, temples ache, eyes filled to the brim refuse to see any good in anything.

I long for that morning when there will be light , in your life and mine. when we will live, alive to each other, when the roller coaster ride will end and we will be back on solid ground on our feet with each other.

When you will realize your worth and take that one step which will end all your miseries, all your pain.

When you will look within and say I am worth it .

That day will be the end of summer of our life.


One thought on “Endless summer…

  1. Tiku, relationships like every thing else is cyclic. There are ups and downs

    The summer is over, fine

    But there is spring

    There is fall

    There is winter

    And the harvest has to be collected too.

    🙂 yea Sweetheart I agree. 🙂 Just went on rambling. Therapeutic for me I guess. Glad to see you back on my blog.


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