Small bundles of joy


glittering raindrop necklace
clinging to a naked branch
reminiscent I smile

spring sky explodes
jewel rimmed clouds shine
love’s smoky visions

In deep puddle
raindrops creates a ripple
wrinkles on moon

moonlit night
along the garden fence
Passion flowers

matchstick lights
your eyes catch fire
my lips burn

Satin sheets rustle
I inhale your warmth
our feet hug

(Image courtesy Internet.)


4 thoughts on “Small bundles of joy

  1. Hello, Tikuli!

    I don’t give advice as a rule,
    but rules were meant to be broken,
    “so fragile they must be”.

    I’d skip the numbers on this one,
    and maybe center it.

    You can delete this now.
    Courtesy Uncle Tree

    I think you are right UT. let this remain and I will remove the numbers and center it for a change:)
    Glad you broke the rule. 🙂


  2. this is scary but at the same time its really pretty and i get scared because it looks like the scraches are blood but hten its rely calm and beautiful


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