My Mind needs a Vacation

Sometimes you feel the urgency to drop everything and run away to some unknown destination. Away from everything including your own self. Last few days have been like this. I questioned myself again AM I PSYCHIC ???? Why do I see spirits ?Why I get a sensation as if something or someone is trying to get in touch with me. Why my heart feels heavy on certain days for no reason. Love ;)??? Stress??? Work ???? I do not get any answers. I meditate on the thoughts and my fingers run on the keyboard faster than my thoughts and I churn out some out of the world creative pieces (really out of the world in every sense of the word).

I read what I have written and wonder who wrote this. I look at the sky and the world around me and feel the missing link …I search within and outside for answers but none come my way.

Moist eyes for no apparent reason and a cutting pain in the chest (I thought it was acidity and took an antacid. It did not work and tasted awful).

I ask again do I need to take a break. Or is it that I want to break free completely?

I go in a trance see a light or just go blank for some time. I feel calm yet restless. Is it a new turning point or a revelation of some kind.

Why the heck am I writing this post ?

I need a vacation .. My mind needs it …my soul wants to be released …my body wants to sleep ..eternal sleep …

I clear the shelves of my mind de-cluttering is one way of dealing with the unexplained.

I clear my PC which is more messy than my room, removed old mails, cards pictures. I wonder at times what kind of music I had been uploading. Deleted all the rotting stuff there.

Still I felt it was more a reactionary step than any thing else. I am still in the same position.

Looking for an answer. What the fuck hit me :0 Maybe an alien encounter … Must have been a woman ..a male would have definitely taken with him..

Sigh !!!!!!!!

Time for a break … need to gather my thoughts …. They seem to be floating away from me …further and further … hold on …gosh ! ..I need to run faster than my mind …need to catch up and hold the reins before it is too late …

see ya guys … wish me luck …



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