My Oscar goes to Delhi 6…. stunning movie

It was a nostalgic evening for me as I relived my association with Delhi6. Those who know about the old world charm of Chandni chawk will absolutely fall in the love with the movie by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. It is a phenomenal movie and I guess the first award worthy film of the year. My Oscar goes to Delhi 6.

After Slumdog Millionaire, it was such a treat. The narrow lanes and by lanes of the old city, the havelies, the culture that all Delhi wallas are so proud of, the eateries and the warmth of the people all comes alive in front of you. It is like living it on screen. With a smile on my lips and moist eyes, I remembered the good old days. Sometimes the scenes are so captivating that you feel a part of the entire scenario. Briskly paced, it is a kaleidoscope of old Delhi and draws you in its flow completely.

Delhi 6 has stunning performances by the best-known actors in Hindi cinema – Raghubir Yadav, Pavan Malhotra, Supriya Pathak Shah, Deepak Dobriyal, Divya Dutta, Vijay Raaz, Tanvi Azmi and Atul Kulkarni among others play prominent roles in it. It also has the elegant Waheeda Rehman and evergreen Rishi Kapoor. I think Divya Dutta was exceptional as jalebi the jamadarni. There is hardly a character in the film who is not anchored to the film.

Obsession for religion, false beliefs, strong conviction for things not seen and the easygoing life of the people, it is all there. With the incident of Monkey Man as the backdrop, Delhi 6 scripts a story of the society and the people, who are blind followers of their deep-rooted ideas. It portrays beautifully the philosophy that the system needs strength, honesty and needs to look with in.

Unlike the other mainstream movies, this one does not have a definite story line but that is the beauty of it, it seems that you are part of someone’s personal diary and that really is brilliant to me. The director has woven nine stories against the panoramic background of Delhi-6.
Sometimes there is confusion and turmoil, with the stories overlapping and going out of hand, but the theme manages to hold the film together. Prejudices, superstitions, communal, caste clashes, media’s dumb acts– everything has been beautifully imbibed as the story grows out of the mazy lanes and addresses several social issues.

There have been mixed reviews about the film but I think the movie’s biggest asset is that it is exactly like what Delhi 6 is all about. An intoxicating mixture of everything.

I do not think we should compare it to Rang de Basanti, another masterpiece by Rakeysh. This movie is consistently inventive, funny, entertaining and life-affirming cautionary tale of a slice of a city. It captures a raft of conflicts involving families, politicians and two religious communities, Hindus and Muslims. The film creates a wonderful world of a vast neighborhood in old Delhi, which makes it so special.

The film, firmly centered in old Delhi, is filled with local color but its concerns are universal. Cinematography by Binod Pradhan is a visual pleasure, natural and interesting. Like his other films, Mehra’s Delhi6 also shows moments of unparalleled originality. The movie is technically flawless.

The songs are wonderful and have a contemporary appeal. The credit goes to the lyricists Prasoon Joshi, Vivinenne Pocha and Claire. Rahman’s music is much better here than in Slumdog.

The entire movie is a story of love and self-discovery set in by Delhi, which is a microcosm of India with all its chaos and contradictions.

The changing perception of the characters is portrayed very well.
The otherwise lopsided Ahishek Bachchan (I do not like him one bit) blends well with the theme. His expressions are very interesting when he gets the first glimpse of the city. Armed with a camera phone he captures everything that happens around him, traffic jams, Ram Leela, sweetmeat shops, by lanes, lack of water – all of it to him is ‘kewl’. It was in a way good that he had few lines to speak. Thank God for small mercies.

What mesmerizes Roshan (AB) the most however are the human relationships in Old Delhi. “You don’t know who family is and who isn’t,” he says to himself in one of the scenes where all the neighbors are present with his grandmother in the hospital.

It blends all the ingredients of a close-knit society. A sweetmeat shop owner, two warring brothers, an evil moneylender, his much-younger wife, a lecherous photographer, a local buffoon, a goat, a pregnant cow who is worshipped in the middle of the road for choosing that place to give birth. An ancestral radio and a shani baba who does everything right ok. That episode was funny in many ways.

Sonam Kapoor is awesome in the movie and we get to see her unfold as an actor here.

Rishi kapoor sums it very nicely:

Hamne maana dakkan mein hain , bahut se kadr-e-sukhan,
par kaun jaye ae zauk, ye dilli ki galiyan chhorh kar

I found the home like environment of the movie very interesting and captivating. I smiled in pleasure when I saw Ram Lila being enacted for I was reminded of my childhood when we did everything to watch RamLila during the nights. The pickle-making scene is so typical of old Delhi households, it reminded of the time my mother used to make pickles sitting on the rooftop of the old house.

I would like to see Delhi 6 again and think it is a perfect tribute to the city. One awesome movie after a long time.


My Mind needs a Vacation

Sometimes you feel the urgency to drop everything and run away to some unknown destination. Away from everything including your own self. Last few days have been like this. I questioned myself again AM I PSYCHIC ???? Why do I see spirits ?Why I get a sensation as if something or someone is trying to get in touch with me. Why my heart feels heavy on certain days for no reason. Love ;)??? Stress??? Work ???? I do not get any answers. I meditate on the thoughts and my fingers run on the keyboard faster than my thoughts and I churn out some out of the world creative pieces (really out of the world in every sense of the word).

I read what I have written and wonder who wrote this. I look at the sky and the world around me and feel the missing link …I search within and outside for answers but none come my way.

Moist eyes for no apparent reason and a cutting pain in the chest (I thought it was acidity and took an antacid. It did not work and tasted awful).

I ask again do I need to take a break. Or is it that I want to break free completely?

I go in a trance see a light or just go blank for some time. I feel calm yet restless. Is it a new turning point or a revelation of some kind.

Why the heck am I writing this post ?

I need a vacation .. My mind needs it …my soul wants to be released …my body wants to sleep ..eternal sleep …

I clear the shelves of my mind de-cluttering is one way of dealing with the unexplained.

I clear my PC which is more messy than my room, removed old mails, cards pictures. I wonder at times what kind of music I had been uploading. Deleted all the rotting stuff there.

Still I felt it was more a reactionary step than any thing else. I am still in the same position.

Looking for an answer. What the fuck hit me :0 Maybe an alien encounter … Must have been a woman ..a male would have definitely taken with him..

Sigh !!!!!!!!

Time for a break … need to gather my thoughts …. They seem to be floating away from me …further and further … hold on …gosh ! ..I need to run faster than my mind …need to catch up and hold the reins before it is too late …

see ya guys … wish me luck …


Slumdog Millionaire : Did it deserve an Oscar?

India is a passionate and emotion packed country. We put our heroes on cloud 9 the moment they achieve something of world recognition and bring them down mercilessly at one wrong move.

The whole nation is celebrating the Slumdog success at the Oscars like there is no tomorrow.

What exactly are they celebrating? How many know anything about Rasul pookutty the man behind Black, Saawariya, and Gajni and exceptionally talented sound mixer?

Rehman is a great composer and I am his great fan but I guess this was not one of his best scores, he has given great music in many other Bollywood movies and this was average for his standard in my opinion. It did not spin any magic for me at least.

I think it is a mockery of India made for the viewing pleasure of westerners. I did not find any soul of the movie. It worked just because of the British direction and production. It is a clever well-timed production.

Unfortunately, Gulzar sahib and singer sukhvinder were treated like underdogs and it really saddened me. The song, which won many hearts “Jai ho” is sung in the passionate voice of a singer who somehow missed the Oscar ceremony and the credit all went to Rehman.

In all the euphoria about Rehman, the world forgot the lyrist and that too a great genius of music industry. Gulzar Saheb got very little coverage for his awesome work.

Slumdog millionaire did not work for me despite the whole world going euphoric about it.
First, it is not at all an “Indian” Oscar winning movie. Although I am glad that some of our most talented artists finally got their due in the world cinema. Still it did not appeal to me much. I found Slumdog Millionaire to be decidedly average.

The dialogue delivery was a pain all through the movie. Dev Patel was an eye sore and the Bollywood style romance with Frieda Pinto seemed utterly out of place. Everything he did rang hollow: every piece of dialogue, every bit of action, everything. Let us be honest. Dev Patel would not last five minutes in a Mumbai slum. It all seemed fictitious and unbelievable to me.

The film does not have the sincerity and honesty of a “Salaam Bombay” or a “City of Joy”. The way Salim is portrayed towards the ending of the movie is highly reminiscent of scenes from “The City of God.” How original is that?

It is modern version of a westerner’s point of view of what India is all about. It looks as if all the scrap of dirt is lifted and put together in one big bag. A gross injustice I would say.

When the West wanted Indians to embrace them, their companies to come to India and capture the lucrative markets, suddenly we had all the Indian women, some utterly undeserving, winning all the Miss Universe and Miss Worlds.

In the movie, Americans are shown as being nice who even give away 100$ after getting their car stolen. This is narcissism at its best.

I think it is nothing but a “poverty tour.” Slumdog twists the reality of the slums to fit its story line.

“They have made a mockery of us, they have hurt our sentiments,” said N.R. Paul, a protest leader and resident in Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum.

The title itself made the slum dwellers extremely annoyed. “Slum dwellers are human beings, not dogs”, said one poster.

Today, the west is in the crisis and India is looking unstoppable despite its slums and poverty, and they are losing their businesses to us. What an opportunity to paint India as the Slumdog Millionaire? The film is nothing but an endorsement of an erstwhile imperial mindset of the West and its blinkered vision of India.

It is sad that our immense talent could not produce a true blue Indian film for the Oscars. Moreover, it makes me wonder, why are we so greedy about winning an Oscar after all? Is it the ultimate word on Indian cinema or worldwide cinema for that matter?

For the first time in the American movie history, a completely unworthy movie has been awarded one of the most coveted awards that an often time is denied to the best of the best.

Megan Mylan’s film “Smile Pinky” deserved it and got it. Congratulations.

You can’t play on broken strings ..


The day I heard I heard this song it touched me somewhere deep. James Morrison is a British singer and song writer and his new song featuring Nelly Furtado “Broken strings” is his best so far.

“I just try to write simple lyrics that people will understand from all walks of life. You can’t be too clever sometimes because people won’t get it. And I always try to write lyrics where you understand every single line.”


Let me hold you
For the last time
It’s the last chance to feel again
But you broke me
Now I can’t feel anything

When I love you,
It’s so untrue
I can’t even convince myself
When I’m speaking,
It’s the voice of someone else

Oh it tears me up
I try to hold on, but it hurts too much
I try to forgive, but it’s not enough to make it all okay

You can’t play on broken strings
You can’t feel anything that your heart don’t want to feel
I can’t tell you something that ain’t real

Oh the truth hurts
And lies worse
How can I give anymore
When I love you a little less than before

Oh what are we doing
We are turning into dust
Playing house in the ruins of us

Running back through the fire
When there’s nothing left to save
It’s like chasing the very last train when it’s too late
[ James Morrison Lyrics are found on ]

Oh it tears me up
I try to hold on, but it hurts too much
I try to forgive, but it’s not enough to make it all okay

You can’t play on broken strings
You can’t feel anything that your heart don’t want to feel
I can’t tell something that ain’t real

Well the truth hurts,
And lies worse
How can I give anymore
When I love you a little less than before

But we’re running through the fire
When there’s nothing left to save
It’s like chasing the very last train
When we both know it’s too late (too late)

You can’t play on broken strings
You can’t feel anything that your heart don’t want to feel
I cant tell you something that ain’t real

Well truth hurts,
And lies worse
How can I give anymore
When I love you a little less than before

Let me hold you for the last time
It’s the last chance to feel again

Enjoy ……. stay connected to your heart strings …always ….


It sure is a dull gloomy day today. There is a definite nip in the air and the wind is strong and chilly. The golden yellow leaves of the poplar tree are desperately clinging to the thin haggard branches. The crows are unusually noisy. The silence is uncanny. Everything is in anticipation of what is about to follow. The murky mist is enveloping everything including me. Seeping inside the very core of my being.

My thoughts are frozen. Frozen in time and space. Memories come to me like a blizzard of snow.

I decide to walk the lonely road.

The drama in the sky unfolds and the flash of lightning marks the brilliant opening. With the thunderous applause it begins to pour.

The trees stand with their heads bowed, their leaves cry ceaselessly
The wet sun struggles to release itself from behind the heavy cloud cover but fails miserably.

I let the tears cleanse my heart and soul but he ache remains. I feel a nagging pain around my temple. My eyes hurt. I close them in a total surrender to nature around me.

The heaviness in my breast continues to pull me down.

The spell is strong. I drift into a trance. The sleep takes over. The breathing becomes normal. The sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning cease.

There is a complete silence..

Nothing moves.

not even a single leaf.

Guess we are all drained by the events of the day.

Impressions…… Osho …….

I am in perpetual state of lovingness ….. I am love ,I am joy, I am one with the universe, I am laughter and music, i am the dance and the celebration of life……. tiku

I am a great fan of Osho and believe in every word he says .I am not a followers of his but I am a part of his universe. I feel he is greatly misunderstood by many and people need to look beyond their rigid ideas and notions and open themselves to what Osho is all about.

It is my dream to go and be part of his commune in Pune some day ,to experience the joy and freedom of self .

I want to share some of the impressions from his books though they are just a drop in the ocean but these drops will one day land in an oyster and become lovely pearls ..

Enjoy and meditate on these lovely words ….

The joy of being alive …..

(excerpt from Osho times)

Share your truth, share your meditation, share your love.

Share whatsoever inner beauty arises in you .

Whatsoever inner glow arises in you.

Share your inner flame and never be a miser,

and you will become richer and riches;

there is no end to that richness.


The moment your heartbeat

and the heartbeat of existence become one,

the moment your small dance is in tune with the vast dance

going on around you,

the moment you become part

of this existence

there arises a

tremendous gratitude.

you simply find it arising from

you, just as the fragrance arises

from the flowers.

It is a spontaneous thing

This is true prayerfulness.


Share your joys, your love, your ecstasy,

Make it as beautiful as possible.

just out of thankfulness that existence has

chosen you to be ,

that you are allowed to be ,

that you are given life .

If you can sing a song, sing it with your totality

If you can dance, dance to abundance

so you disappear completely in the dance

and there is no more any dancer but only the dance remains.


These two are the parts.

The inner silence -so deep that there

is no vibration in your being.

you are just a pool without waves,

the whole being silent, still.

Inside, at the center,silence-

and on the periphery,celebration

and laughter.

Only silence can laugh, because only

silence can understand the cosmic joke.

Your life becomes a vital celebration;

every moment is a festival.

Eating becomes a celebration, talking

becomes a celebration,

relationship becomes a celebration.

Only celebration can give proof that

The real silence has happened.

Hair today gone tommorow

One can’t believe what a great short hair cut can do to your low spirited self.The effects are funtabulous.

I was getting restless with my look for some time now and was wondering what to do .The first thing which comes under knife ,in this case scissors,are my hair.I always had a love hate relationship with my hair.

From childhood my hair bore the burnt of my mood swings.I chopped off my hair the moment  I got pissed with someone or something .It was seldom for style in the beginning.

Once I entered my thirties I started looking out for hair styles and colors and by forty I had experimented so much that even I forget what did I look like some months back .

Since last few days or rather since I saw AeonFlux I was dying o get a short hair cut.It became a hot debate at home as the family discussed pros and cons of the change it would bring but I was adamant as always.I do get around to do things my way .We scanned the net for the trends and went looking for all the hot Hollywood gals to checkout what was in.

I needed the color too but thought to go with the good old henna this time.The henna streaked a few grays that I had and I decided to leave the color till later in the month.

An appointment with my favorite Schwarzkopf Hair Saloon hair stylist was fixed for today and the excitement was greater than I had expected .My elder one decided to give me moral support by going under the si along with me .

We decided to have our lunch out if the mission was a success.

I was greeted with a bright hello from the guys who are such awesome lot that the moment one steps in they hover around you like honey bees. Naveen ,my stylist ,is a cool chap with a pierced eyebrow and trendy hair style .I explained to him what I needed .A complete makeover .I needed to look absolutely different and warned him that if messed up no one will be responsible for the consequences.

The petrified chap showed us some trendy styles and we settled for a great look. The instruments came out on the side trolley.Combs of various shapes and sizes and the main styling scissors were nicely arranged. A cup of hot coffee was promptly served with a toothy smile by the helper boy.I smiled back at him.I always liked the guy because of his happy go lucky nature.

Naveen showed me the length and what kind of cut he was going for.I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being pampered, my hair being shampooed, my scalp massaged, then the snip of scissors …I was almost lulled to sleep. I daydreamed of stepping out looking great with my new hairstyle, turning heads.

We happily chatted as he snip snip snipped I away at my hair and they fell to the floor.I was actually liking the new style as it emerged slowly.In the mirror I could see the approval in the eyes and smiles of those who knew me.A girl came up and told me that it was a good decision to snip off and short hair were in and rocking.

I glanced around at the strange people sitting around me .They all seemed to be engrossed in what was taking place on their head .A lady was continuously giving instructions and I could see the stylist was getting so bugged that for a moment it looked that he would cut her throat instead of her hair .

All the  three stylists wore aprons which had all kinds of pockets with all kind of clips and stuff hanging from them .Cutting hair was a top level mission and not some ordinary thing.

I was still dreaming in a relaxed half asleep state when I realised that the guy had shifted his attention to the front part now and was contemplating how to bring that much needed bounce.

I called in for emergency help.The owner ,a young dude with tattoos and a lot of piercing came to my rescue and quickly gave some instructions in a lingo only they could understand .Secret codes I thought and left it to them to do what they pleased.

One thing I was absolutely sure of ,if he wanted to live he won’t mess up.

The scissors started snipping the hair from above the forehead and the effect was making me dizzy with delight .I finally felt human .The look was great and I smiled to show my approval.The guy breathed with relief.

Finally the time had come to inspect and I was beaming from ear to ear.The mirror was tilted in all directions to show how I looked from various angles and wow man the style rocked .


side look

I tipped the guy more than I should and got a stern comment from my boy to behave .

It created a big crater in my wallet but what the heck it was worth all the money .

So now in fifteen days it will time to color them a rich burgundy and am sure it’s gonna rock .