It sure is a dull gloomy day today. There is a definite nip in the air and the wind is strong and chilly. The golden yellow leaves of the poplar tree are desperately clinging to the thin haggard branches. The crows are unusually noisy. The silence is uncanny. Everything is in anticipation of what is about to follow. The murky mist is enveloping everything including me. Seeping inside the very core of my being.

My thoughts are frozen. Frozen in time and space. Memories come to me like a blizzard of snow.

I decide to walk the lonely road.

The drama in the sky unfolds and the flash of lightning marks the brilliant opening. With the thunderous applause it begins to pour.

The trees stand with their heads bowed, their leaves cry ceaselessly
The wet sun struggles to release itself from behind the heavy cloud cover but fails miserably.

I let the tears cleanse my heart and soul but he ache remains. I feel a nagging pain around my temple. My eyes hurt. I close them in a total surrender to nature around me.

The heaviness in my breast continues to pull me down.

The spell is strong. I drift into a trance. The sleep takes over. The breathing becomes normal. The sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning cease.

There is a complete silence..

Nothing moves.

not even a single leaf.

Guess we are all drained by the events of the day.