Slaves of Fame

The celebrities are The Names that need no further identification. They are recognized with excitement and awe everywhere.

As I flick through the pages of a top celebrity magazine, I wonder what lies behind those happy contended faces.What goes on in that famous personality’s mind as he/she flashes that heart stopping smile.Is it the fun and frolic of that moment for that perfect shoot or is it that they are really that happy.???

What do these people think ,the night before or the day after ?Are they not in a continuous battle with themselves and the world ,to prove their superiority and popularity, struggling to find ways ,fair or unfair ,to keep appearing on the cover page and to hide the mounting expenses and depleting back accounts ,which support there luxurious life style .

Does the fact, that each person is cutting the other’s throat to reach the top, make them such great masters of disguises?

I sometimes wonder if the two lovely people laugh n peck at walk hand in hand at a page 3 party ,making an extra effort to get noticed and clicked ,are actually not thinking ,”why am I doing this ,when I loath this person so much”?

The ostentatious fringes of the two worlds sometimes overlap in the world of the celebrity… where relationships and friendships are capricious, where people lead dual lives, sporting a [false] mask all the while.

Sometimes looking at those lonely painted faces, faking it so blatantly, very clearly shows the contempt and dislike but they excel in the art of masking it so well that even their eyes hide the real story.

These are the slaves of fame, loosing their true self and identity even dignity at times to the world of glamour and glitz.

I sometimes feel there is a certain kind of emptiness ,a profound sadness ,slight guilt at times maybe some hidden fear ,of loosing it all one day ,which drives them day n night .
Addicted to a certain lifestyle, attention, adulation, comfort and insatiable hunger to remain the news, forces them to fall pray to sex, scandals, dope and alcohol.

They force themselves to the extremes, and in that process the real person gets buried under hundreds of layers of identities they take on ….

Many of them lead a wreaked life once their prime is over, much collapse during the journey itself, unable to take the mounting pressure and those few who reach the top. They live all their life to protect the false image they have put up for millions to watch.

I wonder what do they achieve from this kind of life and is there any end to it?

Why do people always seek approval and just forget to be themselves?

Why is there this race to get on to the top and is it all worth it …????


One thought on “Slaves of Fame

  1. “What is fame? The advantage of being known by people of whom you yourself know nothing, and for whom you care as little.” — Lord Byron (English Romantic poet and satirist, 1788-1824)


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