Bhed (discrimination)

“The children are starving since last two days .Please get something to eat from somewhere.” “I can not see them suffering.”

“I am trying dear, morning till evening I try to get something that can sustain our children .Even I can not see the family going hungry each day.”

“Why don’t you try the MCD garbage dump?” “Maybe you may find some leftovers there.”

“Absolutely out of question, that place stinks and the entire colony throw its garbage there, it’s such a bad place, I won’t go there.”

“Please this one time,” she said with her eyes welling.

“Oh! Alright I will go.” He turned and hurried towards the garbage dump at the end of the long road.

It was cold, foggy and there was no sigh of sun.

She waited impatiently. Her children cuddled close to her. She looked fondly at all of them .They sure will have food today.

Hours passed and she started getting worried .Her eyes fixed on the road. She could hardly see beyond the nearest tree, but then she saw him running toward their home .He held something in his mouth.

The children gathered around her full of hope.

He dropped what looked like a loaf of meat, in front of her. Trying to catch his breath, he sat on the ground.

“What is this?” she started inspecting the thing lying in front of her.

“Oh God! This is a newborn human girl child.

Their eyes widened at the sight of the dead female infant.

“Are you sure”?

“Yes, I am”. “Someone who did not want a girl child dumped her in the garbage dump.”

“How heartless and cruel these humans are .Thank God we don’t discriminate between our children.”She said licking the nearest one fondly.

The puppy, happy at the sight of food and love, wagged its tiny tail.

“Let’s have our meal quickly, it is question of our survival”, he said.

No one moved.

9 thoughts on “Bhed (discrimination)

  1. Oh “Tikuli”
    what did you do… 😦
    It hit so hard no doubt.
    When you came with “He held something in his mouth”, a smile came on my face but I didnt know what was coming ahead…
    Very sad yet very cruel…


  2. its really sad that even animals are less cruel than us 😦 its harsh but true…as a part of my social work activities, i keep across such stuff…its disheartening.


  3. Hi, it’s me again — you know you have created something striking when at least one of your audience is still thinking about your story, three days down the lane.


  4. I am glad the post stirred some deep emotions within you all .It was meant to.Thank you everyone for letting it seep into your soul .I just wish that the female infanticide will end.It is high time we respected human life .


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