Under The Dogwood Tree

The rivulet gushed through the picturesque forest .It was spring in England .Sam looked around him, this was their favorite spot .The place was vibrant with colors .A carpet of bluebells under lush green tall trees, delicate wild flowers of hues that only God could paint with his magic brush, daffodils swaying with the gentle breeze. The flaming colors of rhododendron lit up the hill sides. Along the banks of the rivulet and under the trees narcissus filled the air with their intoxicating fragrance .A palette of red, pink, yellow and blue.

Sam waited for Dan to arrive .They had spent some of the most memorable evenings there .Sitting under the pink Dogwood tree whose gently arching branches leaned over to kiss the sparking water of the rivulet .He smiled as he remembered the most intimate moments Dan and he shared in that magical unspoiled beauty around them .The place was secluded and so there was no chance of any disturbance.

Distractedly Sam plucked a blade of grass and started nibbling it, a maelstrom of emotions and remembrances engulfed him.He watched the small pebbles roll into the cool waters in front of him. A leaf fell from a tree into the water, and was carried away by the swift current .Sam wondered where the rivulet will take the tiny leaf .Where its journey of life will culminate? Such is life, he thought.

Where we have come from and where the river of life will take us no one knew. We may glide gently down the current like this little leaf and during our journey we meet whirlpools and rocky shores, rapids and precipices, and many obstacles. His eyes followed the little leaf till it disappeared from his sight forever. So it is with man, he thought. One disappears from sight—Death takes him.

Dan had taken a day off to meet Sam .He wanted to set things fine before Sam left the country .They were a couple and had spent great times professionally as well as on personal front but things had gone out of his control lately. Sam was demanding more time and attention, he was not happy of their undercover relationship. While Dan was successful, handsome top level award winning journalist Sam was an upcoming photographer. A simple soul with great looks but a complex personality and responses that drove Dan up the wall.

Sam had started quarreling with him over the attention he paid to all the lovely girls who seem to gather around him like honey bees .He was sure Dan was sleeping with some of them and that made him furious. Dan was bisexual but kept his sexual preferences under wraps due to his Indian background and the position he held in his profession. This troubled Sam no ends .He wanted Dan all for himself .He wanted to be socially seen with him, accepted by the friends and colleagues.

They had talked about it for hours together but Dan was firm about his decision and Sammy could do nothing about it. There was a whirlpool of emotions inside the young man .They had been together for last ten years but the distance still remained.

Sam was getting less assignments now as he spent most of his time in pubs or trailing Dan to wherever he went, keeping an eye on all that he did .Dan was getting very irritated by this constant bickering and being followed all the time .The fights were increasing every day .Dan felt sorry for Sammy and tried to counsel him but to no effect .It made Sam more stubborn and furious .He started taking drugs and resembled a ghost on the sidewalk.

Dan knew Sammy was going to loose his job one day but could not do anything. He had fallen in love with a beautiful Italian girl and did not feel the same for Sammy the way he used to .Something had changed in him, though he still felt sorry for his lover.

Sam slowly receded from his life and Dan became more and more involved with his new found love and life .One fine day he met Sam at a party. He looked well. Their eyes met over hundreds of people laughing and chatting over drinks. Dan tried to look away, feeling uncomfortable and guilty but Sammy came towards him, smiling his beautiful smile .Dan felt something cut deep into his heart .The ache made his eyes moist. They shook hands like old friends and hugged.

Sammy told Dan that he was leaving the country and wanted one evening with him in the forest near the rivulet.

Dan remembered how enchanting the place looked in spring and quickly agreed to come that weekend.

Sam saw Dan walking down the path towards him. He got up and went to hug his friend .Dan felt a sudden rush inside him but managed to remain calm .He did not want to start it all over again.

The two men sat on the bank of the rivulet chatting about all the fun they used to have .It was like old times. And time stood still.

Sam had brought some of Dan’s favorite things to eat, complete with the cutlery, glasses and wine .They had a hearty meal together listening to the birds and taking in the breathtaking beauty that lay before them.

Sitting under the blooming pink Dogwood tree whose flowers as delicate in color as fine porcelain Dan looked around the swirls of lilac, gold, and white formed by bedded-out pansies which they has planted there together .

It was getting a little windy and late so Dan decided to say his last good bye.

For the last time the two lovers embraced.

Just as Dan turned to leave Sammy picked up the steak knife

It had been an hour since Sam had been hugging Dan’s body .His eyes swollen with crying .He kissed Dan’s forehead and ran his fingers though his rich black hair.

“Goodbye Danny I love you’’

After a seven day search for Danish, who had gone missing, the police found a decomposed body of a male in a fisherman’s cottage, with his wrists slit and a freshly dug shallow grave near the rivulet in the forest.

Near the grave on the Dogwood tree truck was etched:




8 thoughts on “Under The Dogwood Tree

  1. hate, jealosy, possesiveness are all byproducts of love.
    U will find all the three emotios coming out only when u are in love with a person or subject.

    Very true Jogesh ut this is a complex situation here the love is between two guys and one of them is bisexual so you see things are a bit unusual .


  2. I think love, in any form, for anyone, is still “love” — but hey, I also thought that Dan was gonna take this story forward, you know after the part where he recognized that bad guy.. just gotta wait and watch, I know there’s more to come 😀

    Hey Ameeta Dan got that award shawad for his breakik thru about human trafficking na :)we are not goin into thoz details .thats how is suddenly became such a hi fi guy yar ..kahani me twist hai ..clue ..the prev one Rapture..;)


  3. This is a really touching story, Tikuli.
    + I liked the way you have built the relatiosnhip between them. It grows on you
    + Your writing style is fantastic. I can see the riverside that you have described so well here.

    – I almost wished there was a stronger ‘what if’ in the story. There is a great potential in the relationship between the two characters, but it does not get fulfilled. I am not able to put my fingers on it, but somehow all the events, although presented in a great manner, are so very predictable. I am not asking you to get an unnecessary twist here. But there is something that I needed that was different from countless such stories that I have read.
    – I guess, you can experiment with starting the story with some ‘action’. The way you start your story ( and a couple others I have read) is Hemmingwayesque, where you describe the surroundings, the place, and then you go to the characters. Why dont you start with something else? Maybe a slap that Dan gave Sam? Something that is intense and grabbing! 🙂

    Look forward to reading more…


    Thank you so much Rohit for giving your valuable advice .Yes I too feel that I need to make it a bit more intense .The action part has to be there ..need for some change .I think the nature description can be cut down a bit to make it different from other stories .will try to put in the ‘what if’ factor .
    thanks once again buddy
    cheers ..


  4. “The Indian Brokeback Mountain” huh… 🙂
    the story and their sentiments were cool but didn’t like the end… Love, in my opinion, is the most calm and serene of all the emotions. How can someone kill his own lover for the sake of jealousy.


  5. Hi Tikuli…reading ur webpage after a long time…AD told me about it…read the sam dan story…interesting…makes me wonder what i would have done in a similar situation…its not easy to see your love go to someone else…but at the same time no point clinging on to it if the feelings no longer exist…one should just pray for its happiness…whereever it is…if it comes back…realizing on its own…great….if it doesnt…just cherish what you shared with it 🙂

    do visit my webpage…www.justacrossmystreet@blogspot.com…would love to have your comments there 🙂
    Ritika I am so glad to see you here ..thanks a ton dear .ofcourse I will add you to my blog roll .you must read the other stories to know sam’s past .they are all connected ..will surely comment in your blog ..lotsa lv n luck


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