Hai ku -unusual verses

I always loved this form of poetry .few words , depth and endless thoughts after that .It has been sometime since I tried my hand on it .Nabina’s blog prompted me to do it again .Today I thought, let’s sprinkle some magic dust across the blog post ..so let me try and  create the beautiful world ,full of little bundles of unusual verses .


crows they fly in the sky
like pieces of black charred paper
drifting from a fire


The fog descends silently

over the trees ,parks,homes

watches and moves on


flowers rise to the sky

I lie on my back on  grass

kiss,dance ,play of colours n light


soft fluffy cotton clouds

endless blue sky,bubbling stream

sunlight on ripples,rainbow dreams


you left

forgot to take with you

the warmth of your hug


waves rise and fall

bitter sweet symphony of life

an endless romance


the warm sand of beach

hugging the entire cool blue ocean length

from one end to the other


your coat in the closet

a single long hair

memories of yesteryear’s


fleeting glimpse in the crowd

your eyes haunt me

from day into the night


A shooting star

a wish come true

great expectations


fireflies dance

on earth and sky

in your eyes and mine


creases on used shirt

I try to iron them out

they stay like past grievances


A dewdrop hanging from flower

my tear on your eyelash

slides silently on my lips


morning mist

a young leaf unfolds

your arms give the warmth


the bell finally rings

your silence on the phone


7 thoughts on “Hai ku -unusual verses

  1. I read magic! Tiks doing her thing and she does it BEST 😀 Sweet isn’t it, how you can weave all those random words together and make beautiful sense out of it. Loved it, simply loved it!

    🙂 thats so sweet of you ..glad you liked them I keep doing them in marathi ,hindi english ..whatever ..


  2. Wow…
    You know you should try this Haiku thing more… you were best at it… I really enjoyed it readin….

    will be doing poetry of all kinds often now been a life time sice i did it thanks Afaque


  3. absolutely love ur hai ku’s.. tiks… very picturesque…. very evocative.. esp loved nos 6, 7 and 11… indeed ur darned good at this form… and it suits u best.. keep going, gal 😀


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