Not just another Sunday

It was a lazy weekend ..watched movies ,relaxed at home .pampered myself with some good food n drinks .

Saw The Order of Phoenix ..Harry Potter movies always are a good change from the usual ones .

Also the big game yesterday …The English Premier League …. ManU vs. Stoke City was a thriller ..5-0 ..what a fantastic victory .

Ronaldo scored two goals . the handsome hunk has 101 goals to his credit now ..what an awesome performer….


Now waiting for Wayne Rooney, whose next goal will take him to a century.

Three Cheers for ManU

Tomorrow is my elder one’s last study day at school ..One chapter of his life ends here many memories attached to the school life ..

The practicals start from 19th and then the exams .Boards are just round the corner and tension is mounting up .

He seemed a little low and we decided to go out to the nearest mall ..

‘KFC opening shortly ‘ was one sign we have been watching for some days now. Today was the big day. The nearest KFC joint opened and so headed straight to our favorite eating place  .



After a long time we had some memorable chilled out moments together .How time flies ..It seems like yesterday when I put him in pre nursery . :)and now he is 17 ,has a girl friend and from a my little baby has become my closest buddy ya kiddo .

My boy Adi

My boy Adi

Now its almost and time for a quick drink and some good book to read ..Dinner all set ..


7 thoughts on “Not just another Sunday

  1. I think you are the first next gen moms that i have come across, who also knows that her boy has a gf .. cool !!

    😀 I feel it is always a good thing to befriend your children so that they can feel comfortable about sharing anything with you .The little one also has one BTW 😉


  2. He looks very much like you – but his body language is great. Very much the cool dude. Wish him all the best for his exams from my side.

    Anuj, all us Moms know when our kids have a girl friend. It comes with Mommy-hood. The difference is that we accept it and enjoy this stage in our kids’ lives.

    I agree with Ritu ..There is no such joy as being part of your children’s life ..
    thanks Ritu ..will convey your wishes


  3. Ur a super-mom… no doubt 🙂 i like d pics… they’re really cute… my weekends suk… nd soon evn weekdayz wud 😦 ur lucky… wid so many fun ppl around!

    awww sweetheart ,you are part of us always .you know that drop home anytime chapter of life closes to open another ..and loved ones always stay in the heart are loved always ..hugs


  4. I guess m left only cause the young ones have already had hands on their share .. or prolly mine too 😦 ..
    (kidding ofcourse)

    lol … wish you luck ..there is one waiting for you at some corner ..watchout ..


  5. yeah “Ritu” he does look like you a lot… 🙂
    it reminds me of my last day at school… stills seems like yesterday… 🙂

    well well you seem to have forgotten my name :)..its tiku not ritu .. lol


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