My next life…a woman’s perspective

I always wondered what I would like to be reborn as ?? …

An email from a friend gave me this idea .

I decided to ask my fellow blogger friends ,who/what they would like  to be reborn as ?

My  choice …An Eagle ..soaring high in the skies .

Majestic ,brave ,free ,and completely in tune with the universe .The ultimate bliss .

BUT his email gave me another choice. 🙂

I am a woman in this life and I would love  to be a Bear in the next .


Bears hibernate for six months and you hibernate ,you do nothing but sleep . 🙂  What a bliss …

I would love to make the best of it .

Before the hibernation, you are  supposed to stuff yourself stupid  ..  so… I will stuff myself with all my favourite things without feeling any guilt about it  ..:D

Giving birth to a child would be such a bliss ..

Girl bears gives birth to walnut size babies and while she snoozes ,they become cute cuddly cubs … cho chweet 🙂  No sweat no pain for bringing up the brats for a woman only knows the pangs of childbirth and rearing .

Hey, No one messes with mama bears 😀 ….Everyone knows they mean  business .

So if anyone messes up with my cubs , I would   swat them :d AND  if my cubs get out of line I would   swat them too ..nothing could give me more joy  😀 …

Being born as a bear will ensure one more thing mate would expect me to wake up growling ..what a pleasure …awesome ?

He will also expect me to have excess body fat and hairy arms and legs … 😀  just imagine 😀 !!!

Not a bad choice after all .

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Anika khan



8 thoughts on “My next life…a woman’s perspective

  1. LMAO hahaha lol hahaha (I would type something sensible but belimey I CANT stop laughin!) LOL

    😀 i am waiting to see what you gonna do lol


  2. You took the bear – i wanna be the bear. Sniff, sniff, waaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA,………………. flinging myself on the floor in a total tantrum BAD TIKULI

    hahahahhaha Ritu could be another mama bear sweety the brown one you the white one ..howz dat 😀 and hey dont fling yourself on the floor ,it new na ..why break it .:D


  3. Interesting post…….. well first of al i wouldn’t want to be any animal.

    I would love to be a woman again but on my own terms. i would like to live a hard, fruitful…..yet free life.

    If i have to be particular then i would love to be a scientist or a poet. would love to have a diffrent take on life.

    now thinking about it….if i really want to be risk taker…….i would love to be mad ………..a mad person must be looking at world, life and universe in an interesting manner.

    I guess i am twisted right now….. shall come up with a lighter version of an answer later 🙂 Ciao.

    Twisted is normal .. ;)I too have a slight twist in me 🙂 I loved your viewpoint ..


  4. Ha ha, good one there Tiku… and what would I like to be in my next life? Its too far-fetched, I’d rather give it a miss 😀

    Hey Doc ..what wud we do without ya in the next life come on give it a shot 😀


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  6. That was funny choice but shows that you are too ferocious of a person… ROFL
    I would like to be a bear too only for the sake of gulping a lot of honey… hehehe
    will write your tag soon asa I get free…


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