Incurably Addicted

Since a very long time I wanted to release the creative energy which was desperately trying to find a channel to express itself.I wanted to discover myself and to find out what  I wanted from life .

I wanted to write . I needed a platform , but was scared to open up to public criticism .My writings were always expressions of my soul .

Filling the pages of my diary was not giving me the satisfaction I was looking for ,I needed something more .

Then one day I discovered blogs.

I had no idea what they were and how to go about creating a blogspace of your own .With a help of a close friend I opened my blog account and a whole new world opened in front of me .In the beginning I was not sure if it would work for me .The inner critic kept pulling me away constantly .I persisted.I wanted to give it a try ,to put my thoughts and feelings on paper .

I uploaded my first set of personal poems(see my pages) and in a few days realised that they should have remained in the diary.I was disillussioned and needed serious help.I was willing to learn and take on any challenge that came my way .I kept trying .

The kind of encouragement I got was overwhelming and slowly I started to get that high which was missing .

There has been no looking back since then .

Am an incurable addict now.

As if blogging was not enough .I was itching to go further ,to reach a certain state of euphoria and yesterday, Ritu, my Blog Godmother, introduced me to

I was ecstatic .May be my time had come .

After a long struggle through the never ending maze ,finally  I was able to register myself there with   ‘one step at a time ‘ help from her  ..without that I could never have got through .

And I call myself cyber mom . 😦

Kids looked at me with their “I will kill ya “looks, as they realised that mom was glued to the net and there was no chance of either a breakfast or lunch or dinner for that matter .I felt sorry but the urge to write was greater than anything else .Selfish ?  😉

I got a day off from the kitchen.Reluctantly they helped themselves with whatever they could .We ordered some food for the two main meals of the day .  😉 God Bless the home delivery system .One should write about the benefits of that and give them their due credit . 😀

My love affair with words has began and it feels wonderful.

The blogosphere has got me so addicted that all I want to do is write ,be it any time of the day . I steal time here and there.I check gmail, see if there are comments on my blog, look at my emails from forums I visit to see if there’s a discussion I’d like to jump into. All the other things seem to have taken a back seat .

Looks like my hubby did not read the small prints in the marriage contract carefully 😀 . But no complaints . Thanks dear for giving me my space .

I have time and motivation .Am doing something I always dreamed of .

I am happy and certainly a better person now. More tuned to my inner self than before .


4 thoughts on “Incurably Addicted

  1. LOL, you know what is the definition of cyber mom – kids can not recognise her unless they see the back of her head in the glow from the back-light of her computer screen!

    hahhahahha Ritu 😀 thats what I will be in some time .my boyz shud read this one lol


  2. haha wow you really eat sleep breathe “blogger” don’t ya! I keep stealing few minutes away from my studies to hop over to tikulicious and there’s always a new post here!

    and good one Ritu 😀

    🙂 oh well it is addictive and am loving it ..thanks for being so regular .lv


  3. I thank my lucky star for being able to have my space and more importantly to be able to express myself. Once you realize how blessed you are, being heard and understood, only then you realize how painful it must be for people who have no voice in this society.

    I completely agree with you Anika .There are hundreds of those who need some opening to voice their thoughts ,even in the daily life .I sure feel blessed 🙂


  4. I wish I had d ability 2 express myself d way u do… i dun c myself creating my own blog @ present or in the near future (fortunately 4 my parents)… but till then i plan 2 take full advantage of urz 🙂 ! Bdw, ur short stories r AWEsome!

    You are also good some of your notes :)..give it a try girl ..good luck to you ..and thank you very much


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