kuch bandar hostel ke andar ;)

Ranikhet is a beautiful quaint little hill station or one can also call it a lovely military town due to the presence of Kumaun regiment, Assam Riffles and other sections of Armed Forces there. Situated at an altitude of 1869meters above the sea level, it has a charmingly un-spoilt natural beauty….Serene and quiet. One can view the snow-capped Kamet, Nanda Devi, Trishul and Chaukhamba peaks beyond Ranikhet.

It is a nine hour drive from Delhi and I have spent many of our memorable vacations with friends and family there, watching some glorious sunsets, enjoying moonlit walks in the woods and having a time of my life just being amidst such enchanting beauty.

The place is known for its flora and fauna and one of the most amazing thing one sees here are the rhesus monkeys .I had always been fascinated by them and watching them in wild was one of the most remarkable experience for me.

On some of our visits we managed to stay very close to my son’s school GDBMS ,a residential school owned by the Birlas .The school is set in a magnificent backdrop of Himalayas at an altitude of 5500 feet, projecting a view of 720 km of snow capped Himalayan ranges.

Among the students and the teachers there were two major groups of rhesus monkeys who dominated the various areas of school but never harmed anyone.

On one fine morning Adi and I were standing on the terrace mesmerized by the beauty of the snow peaks when the branches of the trees in the school compound in front of us began to sway dangerously and loud noises cud be heard .Adi pointed to a large male monkey sitting on a huge branch, jumping and taking out a hooting kind of sound.

“He is the ‘Dada’ amongst the monkeys”. His arrival means that a group of monkeys will follow”, he explained.

Soon there were growls and heavy fights among the two warrior troops. One trying to invade the territory and the other vehemently protecting it .It was a complete war zone. The females huddled together in the thick branches while their men chased the enemy out of there area .A big scuffle took place between the two leaders but unfortunately the gang war did not last long .The school guards shooed away the rowdies.

The invader gave a last angry look and turned away, vowing to take revenge.

The next day we took a tour of the school and as it was his last day there, I had permission to be with him in the dorm while his father completed the formalities.

Lots of boys joined in to tell the hilarious tales of the monkey gangs.

He was called RIP JAW because of a big gaping gash on his cheek .I could see his big teeth from there .Rip Jaw was the leader of one of the two groups of monkeys there His territory was the mess, the fields and the junior hostel area .He was a bully and got into fights with every one very often. He would pick one of the smaller monkeys and slap the poor baby so hard that it would send them flying.

He was considered a terror among other monkeys. We spotted many of the group members as Adi told me about how the Rip Jaw group hung around the basket ball and volleyball nets ripping them apart sometimes or they just managed to sit atop the beautiful statue of Goddess Saraswati, and presided over the student assembly etc.

One of the small member of the group, a cute little joker called CHAMPU was a delight to watch and fortunately I too witnessed his attics .He would stand on two feet and march along with the students or imitate them in whichever way possible even praying with folded hands during prayer time .Champu was loved by all and behaved as if he too was a student there .Which was amazing.

He had a girlfriend with whom he would sit for hours on top of the gym terrace but as soon as the students lined up for some activity, he would abandon his lady love and join the fun below like a good student .Never missing his attendance .

The territory of Rip Jaw extended till the medical room located between the junior and senior hostels .The school compound is huge so they had a large area with all kind of trees including some fruit trees.

We soon found the reason for the loud hooting and the frenzy among the Rip Jaw group as a huge fat male monkey came dashing from one of the massive old trees, he hooted and jumped from one tree to another with his troop. His Fat red ass visible more prominently than his entire body.

That was FAT ASS, the leader of the second big group that stayed in the school premises. His territory started from the medical room complex, which was a regular fight club for these superheroes. Here each group showed their power and protected their territory apart from a display of strength to the other group.

Though the groups fought like crazy but none of them harmed any human there .They lived in a peaceful coexistence, unlike their city cousins. The food was in abundance and they had a lot of space to hang around freely.

Both the groups had subordinate males and females comprising several small families. The females of both the groups would just sit on the branches of any comfortable place of their choice and groom each other; half of their time is spent in child care. The adorable cute little bundles of joy are looked after and cared for by all the females in the group unconditionally.

Fat Ass’s territory was the auditorium and the adjoining grounds including the senior hostel building. He was massive and hogged the whole day.

Unlike the Rip Jaw troop, this one was a total entertainment material for everyone. They climbed on the grills, swung on the T.V. cables. It was a complete circus out there when the Fat Ass troop show started.

Fat Ass, though he pretended to be big boss, was a total fattu and would get scared at slightest prank by Adi or his group .His troop was much bolder and at least tried to put up some show of bravery.

Unlike Fat Ass, RJ was bold leader of a timid gang, who would run away at the slightly provocation by the senior boys.

Adi showed me the windows of his dormitory from where he and his friends scared the shit out of the members of the Fat Ass troop.

After lunch I was in for a great entertainment. Adi hid under the big dorm window which was very close to the outer boundary wall which has a small grill. .After a while a big monkey from the Fat Ass group walked past the window. On a cue from his friends, Adi jumped and shouted “HHHA” as loud as he cud .The male monkey got so scared that it fell over the grill .The boys in the dorm rolled on the floor with laughter.

Then a smaller one came running ,lost in himself .The moment Adi emerged from under the window ,shouting ,the chap screamed and fell right between the window and the wall .There was another round of applause from the boys .By this time the junior boys had come to join the fun. Now was the turn of Fat Ass, who was basking in the glory of winning a fight he never really fought.

Near the medical room fight club there are two buildings separated by steps going down hill .The slanting roofs were the running tracks for many of these monkeys .Rip Jaw had crossed over to sunbathe on one of the roofs and Fat Ass took it as a personal insult and pretended to launch himself in mid air towards him .The RJ ,who had not seen him ,got so scared that he slid down the entire roof in the midst of joyous shouting and hooting from the boys ,who were watching the drama unfold from the field .Fat Ass moved about the roof as if he had won a war on his own .slowly he descended from roof and climbed the boundary wall to go in the shades of the trees near the staff quarters .

Adi was waiting for that moment and just as the bully came near the window, his red ass glowing in the bright sunlight, Adi gave such a scare to him that he jumped high up in the air, his face white with terror, before falling on the other side of the wall.

The boys rolled over on their bunkers and floor and the noise they made was deafening.

I watched in amusement, at the pleasure the kids got by scaring these poor creatures and came to know that this activity had been going on for a long time now and the monkeys never got better of them.

It was just a fun thing the boys did; they never harmed any of the creatures, and are it the hyena or the fox which occasionally ventured in the playgrounds or the primates who considered the school as their own institution.

It was a completely harmonious coexistence of humans and animals and I found it very comforting that students were totally in tune with the nature around them.

We took leave from the teachers and there was a tearful farewell from Adi’s friends .I decided to move away from the parting friends.

Half an hour later Adi joined us near the main entrance and we drove off towards our next destination ,leaving behind beautiful memories of a great school and life time friends ,both humans and animals .


Under The Dogwood Tree

The rivulet gushed through the picturesque forest .It was spring in England .Sam looked around him, this was their favorite spot .The place was vibrant with colors .A carpet of bluebells under lush green tall trees, delicate wild flowers of hues that only God could paint with his magic brush, daffodils swaying with the gentle breeze. The flaming colors of rhododendron lit up the hill sides. Along the banks of the rivulet and under the trees narcissus filled the air with their intoxicating fragrance .A palette of red, pink, yellow and blue.

Sam waited for Dan to arrive .They had spent some of the most memorable evenings there .Sitting under the pink Dogwood tree whose gently arching branches leaned over to kiss the sparking water of the rivulet .He smiled as he remembered the most intimate moments Dan and he shared in that magical unspoiled beauty around them .The place was secluded and so there was no chance of any disturbance.

Distractedly Sam plucked a blade of grass and started nibbling it, a maelstrom of emotions and remembrances engulfed him.He watched the small pebbles roll into the cool waters in front of him. A leaf fell from a tree into the water, and was carried away by the swift current .Sam wondered where the rivulet will take the tiny leaf .Where its journey of life will culminate? Such is life, he thought.

Where we have come from and where the river of life will take us no one knew. We may glide gently down the current like this little leaf and during our journey we meet whirlpools and rocky shores, rapids and precipices, and many obstacles. His eyes followed the little leaf till it disappeared from his sight forever. So it is with man, he thought. One disappears from sight—Death takes him.

Dan had taken a day off to meet Sam .He wanted to set things fine before Sam left the country .They were a couple and had spent great times professionally as well as on personal front but things had gone out of his control lately. Sam was demanding more time and attention, he was not happy of their undercover relationship. While Dan was successful, handsome top level award winning journalist Sam was an upcoming photographer. A simple soul with great looks but a complex personality and responses that drove Dan up the wall.

Sam had started quarreling with him over the attention he paid to all the lovely girls who seem to gather around him like honey bees .He was sure Dan was sleeping with some of them and that made him furious. Dan was bisexual but kept his sexual preferences under wraps due to his Indian background and the position he held in his profession. This troubled Sam no ends .He wanted Dan all for himself .He wanted to be socially seen with him, accepted by the friends and colleagues.

They had talked about it for hours together but Dan was firm about his decision and Sammy could do nothing about it. There was a whirlpool of emotions inside the young man .They had been together for last ten years but the distance still remained.

Sam was getting less assignments now as he spent most of his time in pubs or trailing Dan to wherever he went, keeping an eye on all that he did .Dan was getting very irritated by this constant bickering and being followed all the time .The fights were increasing every day .Dan felt sorry for Sammy and tried to counsel him but to no effect .It made Sam more stubborn and furious .He started taking drugs and resembled a ghost on the sidewalk.

Dan knew Sammy was going to loose his job one day but could not do anything. He had fallen in love with a beautiful Italian girl and did not feel the same for Sammy the way he used to .Something had changed in him, though he still felt sorry for his lover.

Sam slowly receded from his life and Dan became more and more involved with his new found love and life .One fine day he met Sam at a party. He looked well. Their eyes met over hundreds of people laughing and chatting over drinks. Dan tried to look away, feeling uncomfortable and guilty but Sammy came towards him, smiling his beautiful smile .Dan felt something cut deep into his heart .The ache made his eyes moist. They shook hands like old friends and hugged.

Sammy told Dan that he was leaving the country and wanted one evening with him in the forest near the rivulet.

Dan remembered how enchanting the place looked in spring and quickly agreed to come that weekend.

Sam saw Dan walking down the path towards him. He got up and went to hug his friend .Dan felt a sudden rush inside him but managed to remain calm .He did not want to start it all over again.

The two men sat on the bank of the rivulet chatting about all the fun they used to have .It was like old times. And time stood still.

Sam had brought some of Dan’s favorite things to eat, complete with the cutlery, glasses and wine .They had a hearty meal together listening to the birds and taking in the breathtaking beauty that lay before them.

Sitting under the blooming pink Dogwood tree whose flowers as delicate in color as fine porcelain Dan looked around the swirls of lilac, gold, and white formed by bedded-out pansies which they has planted there together .

It was getting a little windy and late so Dan decided to say his last good bye.

For the last time the two lovers embraced.

Just as Dan turned to leave Sammy picked up the steak knife

It had been an hour since Sam had been hugging Dan’s body .His eyes swollen with crying .He kissed Dan’s forehead and ran his fingers though his rich black hair.

“Goodbye Danny I love you’’

After a seven day search for Danish, who had gone missing, the police found a decomposed body of a male in a fisherman’s cottage, with his wrists slit and a freshly dug shallow grave near the rivulet in the forest.

Near the grave on the Dogwood tree truck was etched:





Rain, thunder and lightning, she could see it all from her bedroom window. It was a freezing December night. Unusually dark.

Stretched casually across the emptiness of the bed, she spread her delicate, bare arms on her sides. Her palms up. The luxurious raven black curls fell over her well rounded shoulders.

She closed her midnight dark eyes slowly. Her breasts rose and fell in tune with the rhythm of her heartbeats .She moved her shapely slender legs .The satin sheet beneath her, creased a little.

She lay stark naked on the king-size bed of her master bedroom. Her body aflame with hunger. The intoxicating aroma of the scented candles drifted in the air.

The lighting flashed through the stately glass windows, revealing the curves of her slightly tanned body. She resembled the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture, Aphrodite, sculpted exquisitely in marble.


Suddenly she felt a warm touch upon her arm, sliding down slowly towards her palm. Warm strong fingers lightly slipped between her fingers. She felt a tender palm press against her palm. He unexpectedly pulled her close to his strong warm body. She could hear his heartbeat merging with her own.

She was thirsting for this meeting, her heart beat loud and passionate against his chest ……. it had been so long .She wrapped her arms around him and drew him closer .Their bodies pressed in a tight embrace. Her soft lips, full as ripe fruit, touched his forehead while his hands slid between them caressing and feeling her firm round breasts .A passionate kiss followed intense love making.

For the next couple of hours they lay engulfed by the raging fire of passion. Their bodies melted into each other. She was in the world of orgasmic fantasy.

None of them said anything. Their eyes never met and she didn’t realize when she fell asleep encircled in his arms. Inseparable.

The first rainbow hued sunshine filtered through the glistening glass.

The bed was empty. The satin sheet, crumpled and moist, had slid to one side of the bed.

Did he leave before the daybreak or was it all a dream?

She just did not want to know and didn’t care. She stretched herself, satiated and whole.

She gazed out at a glorious morning knowing that life was never going be the same again.

It was a warm December morning when she woke up alone in an empty room.

Tanka :short song

Tanka meaning a short song in Japanese .. A new thing I wanted to try .It is not a longer version of Haiku and I found it very difficult but then I love the challenges 🙂

An unrhymed Japanese poem consisting of five lines of 5/7/5/7/7 (5 kana in the first line, 7 kana in the second line, 5 kana in the third line, 7 kana in the fourth line, and 7 kana in the fifth line) totaling 31 kana.

Mostly the first three lines is one part, and the last two lines is the second part but i wanted to make it the way i liked .

Here is one  of the famous Tanka for all you poetry lovers :

Miki Rofu (1889-1964)

Furusato no
ono no kodachi ni
fue no ne no
urumu tsukiyo ya.

In her village
in a stand of trees by a field
a flute’s sound
blurs in the moonlit night.

and here are the ones I TRIED TO MAKE …  😉


On a path last night

I chanced upon a glowworm- warm,radiant

cuddled In  wet soft mud

an unending wait for a loved one

the glow getting brighter with the night


an eagle soaring high

sharp eyes in search of  the  pray

hunger filling it’s mind  body

my heart took a flight with it

hungry as the eagle


raindrops on dry scattered leaves

each one  like a shiny little pearl

quivering -holding on to  life

one by one they drop to ground

My dreams,hopes,desires,breaths.


a white canvas of snow

in the middle of the whiteness

a raven adds some color

black and white ,yin and yan

that is the balance of life


your love like bush fire

a fiery display of heat ,sound, flames

consuming both you and me

mine-like a slowly burning log

glowing and keeping us warm for years


like a statue

a kingfisher waits for a kill

ripples in still silent waters below

the kingfisher explodes into life


far away on the horizon

behind the branches of leafless trees

burning crimson evening sky

resembles the  color of my face

between the fingers of your hands


your smile like sickle moon

and kisses like soft ripe fruits

our life like a teardrop

in the eye of infinity- precariously hanging

the bubble ready to bust anytime

I do not know if I have been able to bring out the beauty of Tanka poems but I certainly enjoyed doing this exercise .would love the observations of all who read .

Hai ku -unusual verses

I always loved this form of poetry .few words , depth and endless thoughts after that .It has been sometime since I tried my hand on it .Nabina’s blog prompted me to do it again .Today I thought, let’s sprinkle some magic dust across the blog post ..so let me try and  create the beautiful world ,full of little bundles of unusual verses .


crows they fly in the sky
like pieces of black charred paper
drifting from a fire


The fog descends silently

over the trees ,parks,homes

watches and moves on


flowers rise to the sky

I lie on my back on  grass

kiss,dance ,play of colours n light


soft fluffy cotton clouds

endless blue sky,bubbling stream

sunlight on ripples,rainbow dreams


you left

forgot to take with you

the warmth of your hug


waves rise and fall

bitter sweet symphony of life

an endless romance


the warm sand of beach

hugging the entire cool blue ocean length

from one end to the other


your coat in the closet

a single long hair

memories of yesteryear’s


fleeting glimpse in the crowd

your eyes haunt me

from day into the night


A shooting star

a wish come true

great expectations


fireflies dance

on earth and sky

in your eyes and mine


creases on used shirt

I try to iron them out

they stay like past grievances


A dewdrop hanging from flower

my tear on your eyelash

slides silently on my lips


morning mist

a young leaf unfolds

your arms give the warmth


the bell finally rings

your silence on the phone


November Rain

It rained all night .The trees ,the grass and the flowers,the roads and buildings all look rejuvenated .I love the winter rains.I do not know why .It brings with it… Love,memories that make you smile ,memories of some beautiful moments from the boulevard of past.

Though it is cold and windy , I am wrapped in an unusual warmth .With a cup of Jasmine tea I watch the birds clean their fluffy feathers with their beaks , perched on wet branches of the trees. .. pigeons cuddle close on numerous window sills.The clothes line has raindrops hanging from it like beautiful peals .The wind is strong today .The trees in the park are gently swaying , as if in a synchronised dance movement.There is mild wet sunshine .It is so romantic .Gosh what am I writing ..It was not supposed to turn out like this .              ..Stop ..

Yesterday we had an old reunion of friends in the evening ,it was long due and the weather was just perfect.So there were lots of hugs ,handshakes ,laughter and loads of fun ,over  excellent cocktails n drinks and  scrumptious food .We chatted about last 18 to 20 years that we spent together.It was such a pleasure.The kids loved it and had a blast ,with all the music and dancing .

Adi’s school finished today .He has already stated missing his friends especially his girlfriend :).School life is sometimes the best chapter of ones life .I understand how difficult it is at this stage to cope with so much that your life puts you through and I believe that this is the test of time ,it makes you take decisions that change the direction of your soul ,your being .

I remember the time when he joined the pre nursury..A cute little boy of two and half years.He loved his school and even when he went to the residential school in the hills ,he always made sure not to show the pain he must have been going through of being away from the family .I as a mother and his best friend knew what was in his heart but we both had no choice but to except to make the best of what was there.

The stay at Birla School brought out  the best in him.Maybe he got the right direction there.Since last one year that he has been with me I have seen him mature into a very sensitive  young boy.Suddenly my baby has grown into becoming my buddy .Now he is 17 and soon will be gone to some college and then another chapter of his life will start .He is an artist ,close to nature and perfectly in tune  with himself and nature around him.I am proud of my first born …How time flies ..

Adi’s  sketches

Adi's pencil sketch A pencil sketch by Adi

Do you know the relationship between two eyes..? they blink together,
they move together, they cry together, they see things together and they sleep together BUT THEY NEVER SEE EACH OTHER.. that’s what’s friendship.That’s what Love is ..sometimes .

The November rain has filled my heart with tiny droplets of such sweet little things ,of people whom I love and those who love me .

For a very special friend …with love …

Guess I am in love ..again??? ..I do not know …It seems like a cosmic connection ..something which is unexplainable ..I call it joining of heart strings ..Sometimes your heartstrings get attached with some other person who is part of your extended cosmic aura .You do not  have to know him/her .It just happens ..and then, if you are sensitive to it ,you come to know .It is an amazing feeling ,a bitter sweet symphony of life .

Why does one love ?Isn’t it strange to see only one person in the world ,to have one thought in mind ,one desire in the heart ?To have one name coming to your lips over n over again.As if it is part of your very being.To name which is in your and which you carelessly whisper endless times in a day .

You meet ,you love ,you are absorbed ,wrapped and bound to everything that person gives to you  .You live on that one person’s tenderness,his words ,his thoughts ,his love and care .nothing else matters .

Everything ,every moment that was spent together becomes a treasure.I ask myself what the hell is happening ..and I always get the same answer ..love as you have never done before.It is choice I made.

Infidelity  ?

No,I would not say that .

Love is an instant connection which you feel for someone and has nothing to do with relationships,morals,society or anything else for that matter .

A good friend who loves you for what you are is rare and I feel blessed to have found one .

It is said that A good husband may not be a good friend but a good friend will always be a good husband .

But sometimes we make a mistake in making our choice  …  and suffer a lifetime …..guess that’s life .

Sometimes we are left with a complex situation which has no answer .

Here I want to quote  something from the  Khalil Gibran ,Lebanese Writer, Painter & Sculptor.

On the Steps of the temple


Khalil Gibran

Yestereve, on the marble steps of the Temple, I saw a woman sitting
between two men. One side of her face was pale, the other was

Marital Rape :Intimate betrayal ….The untold trauma

I had wanted to take up the issue of Marital rape for a long time now .The movie DAMAN by Kalpana Lajmi where Raveena Tondon plays the role of a marital rape victim, made me write about this heinous crime against women.

Violence against women within the family has become a major issue in our society.

Marriage is perceived as ‘socially sanctioned sex’. A legal right to a woman’s mind, body and soul.

I often see men commenting that they “allow “their wives to work, go out and engage in hobbies she likes or do certain other things and wonder who gave them the right to give permission? Do we lose our right as a human being to decide things for ourselves, the moment we get married, and become a slave to the man we choose as a partner for life and do only those things he ‘chooses” to “”allow” us to do.

Centuries of conditioning of male minds makes them believe that they have a right over women. Under the broad term of patriarchy women are treated as second class citizens at home, at work and as citizens in the society.

Domestic violence is itself a small part of the larger subjugation of women by men in society.

A woman is given to understand that her desires and dreams must henceforth be subject to those of her husband. Once married a woman feels guilty of denying her husband his conjugal rights. Under such conditions, many women find it difficult to talk about the physical violence that takes place under the guise of conjugal relations in the marriage. Any mention of rape or sex fills them with shame.

All over the world, steps have been taken to ensure that marital rape is regarded as an offence. In India, however, we do not even admit that marital rape is a reality, let alone a crime. Marital rape is an issue that has long been swept under the carpet. It is something no one wants to talk about.

Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, says, “Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, not being under 15 years of age is not rape.” Marital rape doesn’t even fall under domestic violence.

Quoting section 375

375. Rape.

A man is said to commit “rape” who, except in the case hereinafter excepted, has sexual intercourse with a woman under circumstances falling under any of the six following descriptions: –

First: – Against her will.

Secondly: -without her consent.

Thirdly: – With her consent, when her consent has been obtained by putting her or any person in whom she is interested in fear of death or of hurt.

Fourthly: -With her consent, when the man knows that he is not her husband, and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is or believes herself to be lawfully married.

Fifthly: – With her consent, when, at the time of giving such consent, by reason of unsoundness of mind or intoxication or the administration by him personally or through another of any stupefying or unwholesome substance, she is unable to understand the nature and consequences of that to which she gives consent.

Sixthly: – With or without her consent, when she is under sixteen years of age.

Explanation: – Penetration is sufficient to constitute the sexual intercourse necessary to the offense of rape.

Exception: -Sexual intercourse by a man with his wife, the wife not being under fifteen years of age, is not rape.

Our laws do not consider marital rape as a crime and only in cases of excessive physical abuse; a woman can file a case for cruelty. Domestic violence is prevalent in many forms in the society and for most of them there is a legal remedy except Marital rape.

There are so many loopholes in the law, about gender, age, caste and so on.

Rape with in marriage is not just the violation of sex; it’s related to a woman’s consent. Her autonomy and bodily integrity are at stake all the time. It’s the violation of self-determination and breach of trust. Marital rape betrays the fundamental basis of marital relationship.

It is an issue of denial of the human rights of women.

I feel that having sex with a person at one time does not “imply” consent to any future sexual acts but in our society a woman is subjected to all kind of sexual atrocities against her will. Not only are wives commonly viewed as the property of their husbands, but more specifically, they are seen as the sexual property of their husbands. Illicit sex, sex on demand, forced sex and sometimes brutal, humiliating sex is experienced by innumerable woman in a marriage.

Unfortunately not many women are aware of the fact that there is a thing called marital rape as they are discouraged to talk openly about sexual issues even within marriage.

And those who are aware do not show enough courage to stand up for their rights for various reasons, social or personal

Many of the marital rape victims end up with HIV and STD’s, unwanted pregnancies and abortions, physical mutations or wounds physical as well as psychological because they lack necessary courage to deny sex without contraception.

The impact of sexual assault lasts a lifetime and the victim suffers from Rape Trauma Syndrome. Feelings of betrayal, anger, guilt, humiliation, fear of intimacy, acute fear of being assaulted again and denial are some of the repercussions of marital rape.

In India, a societal change is needed as much as a legal one. Along with strict laws women need to be courageous enough to come out and report the crime against them, and then only the law can be enforced.

Women go through the most unimagined forms of abuse under the name of marriage. Once we accept this reality we may be able to take the first step towards protecting women.

Until then women will continue to be abused and raped by the one person they trusted most.

Also- Economic empowerment of women is a must because that will break their dependence on men at home.

There are many questions that need to be answered

Is the law a suitable and sufficient remedy for marital rape?

Will women want to have police people intervening?

Will the police give protection to a woman against her husband?

Can a woman walk into a police station and file a complaint against the man she’s married to?

Will at least the women police officers come to her help?

Is the society ready to tackle such an issue?

While a law will help as a deterrent and also in extreme cases, it is equally necessary to raise the consciousness of people, especially men, regarding the status of women.

We need to be aware of our rights; it’s not just the man’s prerogative to enjoy a physical relation. A woman too needs to be a willing participant and not just a provider; she should be able to state when the lines are crossed. Women themselves must break free of societal shackles and fight for justice.

I hope all the men who read this post will take that first step needed to give women the respect and dignity they deserve.

All the women will show courage to come out and fight for their self respect and take the first step of saying “NO”.

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Not just another Sunday

It was a lazy weekend ..watched movies ,relaxed at home .pampered myself with some good food n drinks .

Saw The Order of Phoenix ..Harry Potter movies always are a good change from the usual ones .

Also the big game yesterday …The English Premier League …. ManU vs. Stoke City was a thriller ..5-0 ..what a fantastic victory .

Ronaldo scored two goals . the handsome hunk has 101 goals to his credit now ..what an awesome performer….


Now waiting for Wayne Rooney, whose next goal will take him to a century.

Three Cheers for ManU

Tomorrow is my elder one’s last study day at school ..One chapter of his life ends here ..so many memories attached to the school life ..

The practicals start from 19th and then the exams .Boards are just round the corner and tension is mounting up .

He seemed a little low and we decided to go out to the nearest mall ..

‘KFC opening shortly ‘ was one sign we have been watching for some days now. Today was the big day. The nearest KFC joint opened and so headed straight to our favorite eating place  .



After a long time we had some memorable chilled out moments together .How time flies ..It seems like yesterday when I put him in pre nursery . :)and now he is 17 ,has a girl friend and from a my little baby has become my closest buddy ..love ya kiddo .

My boy Adi

My boy Adi

Now its almost 8p.m.here and time for a quick drink and some good book to read ..Dinner all set ..

Have It Flaunt It

Some days back I had an opportunity to be part of a birthday party of a teenage  friend of my boys .As the night became younger, I saw more of slender waists, toned hip skin and cleavages, than I imagined being on those fourteen to seventeen year old.


The belly buttons flashed from between the too short tees and too low denims.

A group of boys and girls gave me a rare glimpse of ‘rear cleavages’ in all shapes and sizes as I walked around the open air party area.

As I walked past a pretty little thing leaning on the shoulder of a smartly dressed dude, I noticed the well rounded backside exposed for all to view. I took the liberty of pointing out to her.

“I am sure you would not like someone to swipe a credit card between your butt cheeks” I whispered in her ears.

She looked up and giggled and for courtesy sake tried to pull down a top which was about to tear into shreds.

Realizing it was not working, she gave up the exercise and went back to her sweet nothings.

She didn’t seem embarrassed, or particularly bothered. It appeared that showing more flesh than desired was all a part of wearing the fashion and so it wasn’t a “big deal.”

I noticed that most of the girls either wore low waists or something between a handkerchief and a small towel wrapped around the waist. From no angle it resembled the skirt I knew.

In my times I wore a skirt seven inches above the knee and it was frowned upon by many for being too short. Today the trend has changed and a mini is just about seven inches below the waist, barely doing what it is supposed to do, or maybe doing exactly what it is supposed to do.


If someone dropped a thousand rupees in front of these fashion crazy babes, they would not be able to pick them up without loosing their dignity.

The aim is “If you got it flaunt it “.

That’s the “FTV inspired Gen X”.

HUM hain naye, andaaz kyon ho purana?

The world of fashion in teens and pre teens is a bewildering place.

Halters, spaghetti straps, backless dresses, tube tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, bare midriff outfits are ‘in’ these days.

The cleavage revealing Tops shrink wrap around their fleshy bodies complete with a strategically perched eagle, a butterfly or a heart along with a diamond or a silver ring dangling from the belly button.

Wearing these clothes is funky, cool and trendy and an art in itself.

The art of “How to or not to reveal more than you want to”.

The place was becoming unbearably HOT.

I wondered if it was the global warming that was causing this or vice a versa.

It was not just the girls but the boys too were wearing dangerously low waist denims which could drop at a slightest movement.

I could count on fingers the ones wearing, Calvin Klein, jockey or Hanes under the precariously hanging denims.

They were all the unsung trend setters.

The companies ought to reward these youngsters for brand marketing.

One fashion tip which I learned was, whether low rise or high rise, leg hugging, stretch or baggy ,the denims are supposed to sit below the perfectly toned ‘love handles’.

The party continued and the atmosphere became too hot to ‘handle’.

I decided to slip away.

Leaving them to their dazzling cleavage show. Rear as well as Front.


The Verdict

She watched the mob with vacant dry eyes. Her legs and arms felt heavy .She had been tied up to the tree for more than five hours now .The remains of what were her clothes, hardly enough to cover her body.
She winced as a stone hit her forehead, unable to move .Blood tricked down her tear streaked cheek.
“The bitch” someone shouted from the mob.”Kill her, it will be a lesson for the rest of them “another voice came from behind.

Her first crime -being a woman

second – supposed infidelity

her silence- a sign of her guilt.

The entire village had aided her husband, a drunkard and a man of low reputation.

The tribunal which included her son, husband and father had declared her guilty of a crime she never committed.

The mob was getting hysterical .She stared blankly at her teenage son heading the mob, shouting names, calling people to make this an event that should be engraved in every woman’s heart .She glanced at the half circle in front of her .She shuddered as a flash of blinding pain shot through her head .slowly the mob began to become a blur. The blood began to flow down her body from the gash on her head and tricked down on the pile of stones and small bricks near her feet.

The evening sun slowly turned the sky crimson .The local police stood like mute spectator, rooted to the ground as the “mob justice “continued.

Her husband ,who was besides his son ,came up to the tree where she was tied .He pushed her chin up and looked into the intense eyes of his wife .he quickly pulled away and spat on her dead body .

“Justice is done “He shouted and started walking away.


Soumya’s marriage was arranged by her father .She was hardly sixteen and had protested against it, but was forced to end her childhood and go with a man whom she had never met .She detested it.

Life had been a roller coaster ride since then .From the day she set foot in Rajveer’s house her ordeals started .Not only he sexually ,emotionally abused her ,he drank gambled and visited prostitutes while he was away supplying goods in his truck. He was a shiftless man and often beat her up in bouts of rage.

Her father, whom she had supported all along by working at houses and earning money, had given up on her long back .He too like Rajveer was a sucker for money and did shady deals and small time peddling of drugs .

Soon she became a mother and with that added responsibility, had no time for own self. She led a lonely life, kept to herself and never raised any objections to her husband’s daily abuses .Mainly because she was too exhausted and knew that simple protest would lead to further damage to her body, soul and mind .In silence she suffered.

For the last twelve years Soumya had not been out of her so called home, except for her delivery or on some religious occasion.

The fair was making the villagers dizzy with joy. Her son told her stories of all the fun women were having, of colourful stalls, games and variety of latest fashion clothes.

Soumya’s heart ached as she listened to all this .It took her back to her own child hood when she too would eagerly wait for the village fair and spend a time of her life, doing all that she loved to do. She remembered the last time she went to the fair with her friends and how she had won her favorite silver purse, just before they left the fair .The purse she had proudly carried on her wedding day.

Rajveer was out of town and she decided to take the risk of stepping out of the house with her son.

Her son was overjoyed and so was she .They spent two days at the fair, living the happiest moments of their lives but somewhere inside her, a fear was rising.

She knew the coming days will bring her unimaginable pain ….but she had not expected what really happened after Rajveer returned.

Hell broke loose the moment he came to know the events of last few days .People added spice to the story and convinced him of her involvement with some man who had come with the fair.

The village grapevine took a wicked delight in making up stories and, they reached Rajveer’s ears faster than a forest fire.

His blood began to boil, the fire of revenge and anger began to consume him.

This time he wanted to do something that would make history .Mad with fury he bribed the local policemen, the sarpanch and the other important people of the village.

The silence of her otherwise violent husband petrified Saumya .She knew there was a storm in waiting .Every day she prayed for her life.

She noticed that the father and son spent many hours together, out of the house.

That her son eyed her with a look of contempt and avoided her at all times .Soumya knew something big was on its way .But what?

On that fateful day, she was alone at home; the men had not come home at night .The village panch sent a messenger to summon her at the chupal .There were serous charges against her.

Soumya quietly listened to all the accusation, false witnesses including her own son in mute silence.

The verdict was given .There was no other punishment for adultery, than death.

She was supposed to be stoned at a public place till death.