Let Me Rant …….

 Yesterday was a day which should go down in the history of my life as a Black Day . A day when it seems that the entire universe is conspiring against you .when unusual number of bad things happen .

Boy!! the day started on wrong foot I guess .

I felt tired, cranky, down right grumpy.

I was in one of my “do not mess with me ” moods and that made things even worse for me and for those who came anywhere near me even the workers .

And to top it all ,my 17year old boy decided to argue on some issue which we both knew will add fuel to the already raging fire within .

Gosh ! How do these kids behave !!1. Unbelievable . Ungrateful buggers …

I often feel raising two teenage boys is experiencing Hell on earth .The cute bundles of joy sometimes turn into dementors ,sucking the soul out of your body .Yesterday was such a day .

Was I being overtly critical and over reacting to little things ???    Absolutely not .

Thought a cup of strong Black coffee will make some difference but found the bottle almost empty .

I hit the roof   …

By the evening  I felt spent . I had done my share of yelling ,accusing,criticising ,everything that was against my inherent nature  and now came the time to wallow in self pity .

Trying to hold back the tears swelling up in my lovely eyes , I went into a soliloquy .

Now when I think of it ,it looks like the best theatrical performance I must have given .

words like ..inadequate mom ,looser to the core ,life sucks ,enough is enough blended with the choicest of cuss words , came easily to a person who is normally just the opposite to this .

The water had really gone over my head .

But , at that time, I was completely pissed off and needed to let the steam off .

The amazing thing is that during such times the entire past opens in front of you like a slide show and you remember all the hurt and pain and every wrong done to you knowingly or unknowingly .Even the ones you made up yourself .

I guess the deadly PMS virus had stuck me resulting in my grouchy mood swings lately.The monthly blood donation got a bit too much to handle  ..that’s one donation I  HATE .

Slowly I slipped into silent mode and heated all the leftovers made some rice and after making myself a huge mug of camomile tea ,locked myself from the world .

Today is a happy day .

Life goes on ……


6 thoughts on “Let Me Rant …….

  1. Well Tiku ji,
    Just enjoy it man… u know i have even learned to enjoy in the worst of the times… i am even happy when i am depressed… lol…. [does it sound paradoxical?]…
    so have fun in scolding as well… 🙂
    i had a v good evening yester…. read my recent post 🙂


    🙂 Am a happy soul Mafaque ,it was one of those days ..lol ..will take your advice .thanks


  2. Chin up girl … and PMS is gifted to us from God so that we can make our men-folk suffer our pain

    😀 only you cud have spoken such golden words guru ma 🙂 ..made my day


  3. Hey snap out of it Tiks, chin up :-)….and I agree with Phoenixritu’s comment, about PMS! 🙂

    Hey Rash sweety that was yesterday, today is another day …I agree with her too 🙂


  4. Yeah Tiks……didn’t it feel good to just let loose? And then the family walks around you, like they are treading on eggshells…..hehehe.

    LOLLLL 😀 you shud have seen their faces ..heheehehhee


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