I want to break free ..

Time :5 in the morning ..

 I try to locate the vibrating mobile somewhere under my pile of pillows .Manage to find it and switch the darn thing off ..Though I would  love to snooze for a while but the luck is not on my side today .. dragging myself out from the comfort of my bed , I look around my once neat n cozy home ,which resembles an ancient  ruin these days .

 Bricks, bottles ,boxes ,ladder ,all kinds of construction material and an eye sore of a platform staring  back at me from the window of the kid’s room.

I notice that the night breeze has settled  another fine layer of dust over everything …Sigh !!!! 😦

I have been eating more dust than food these days I feel . 😦

Taking my tea , I step out carefully, in the remains of what used to be a balcony and stand looking at the refreshing green of the swaying Neem tree ..It is breezy n nice .There is a slight nip in the air .. and I take a deep breath .The fragrance of roses , fill my entire being and I feel blessed .I smile at the little beauties and thank the universe for these little bundles of joy .The sky is turning into a shade of pink behind the matchbox like buildings and it feels great . My morning  friends are around, busy with their stuff .

The group of around  eight squirrels are scurrying  around gathering the bits n pieces of the leftover  bread someone has thrown .It is  a joy to watch these furry wonders and their gymnastics  ..  🙂

The pigeons ,mynas and other birds have gathered, to a feast of bajra and water at the edge of the park . The noise they all make is deafening but somehow today it doesn’t bother me much . At Least it is better than the thak thak that goes on all day at my place .

Thinking of that , I realise that  the workers are due by 10 and I have a lot to do .

Unwillingly, I walk back in and wonder from where I should start .The house is uncannily silent .I decide to setup a good working environment and put on the radio at a little higher than usual  volume .It blares the latest Himesh Reshmya song and  I curse under my breath at the choice of Radio Mirchi . Certainly not a good way to start but anyways .. 😦 

I begin  the cleaning routine, knowing it is a waste of time n energy ,as within no time the things will be back to square one.But the habit to clean n scrub is a little difficult to let go ..Am I getting obsessed with “wash ’em clean ” thing ???..   Guess I am  😦

By the time I am through, it is around 9:30 and a quick look in the mirror tells me  that it’s time for a  bath,before the door bell starts ringing .15 minutes and I am out ,fresh and ready for another challenging day .

This is the 5th day since the work started and I feel as if  I am also a part of the Thekedar’s gang .At least by the end of the day my face n clothes looks exactly like them .And I am sure, I work as much as they do .

I wonder what will happen when I start building my dream home ..Did I tell you about it ?? …  NO….well ! maybe I should .Later .

Just now my mind is filled with just one thought “God ,give these men more strength to finish the work as soon as possible “.


4 thoughts on “I want to break free ..

  1. Oh God! Mine is normally God how will I pay them and God when will they finish! Mine are carpenters mercifully – so no dust and cement – only wood shavings

    😦 I know it is apna sapna money money …Making me go crazy .


  2. ur depiciton of ur battered home made a picture of a typical home rather GHAR which used to be in the subccontinent but now we cant see them anywhere… but alas! u r {i guess so} renovating it to something more modern thingee… 😦
    i love the homes we used to have… now we have them only in countryside… or in our PINDS…
    n i loved ur squirrels n maynas… 😛
    say hi to them next morning from me… 😀


    ours is a flat so its not the Ghar you are talking about .I try to keep it as close to that as possible .yes itstru that we are loosing out on those ghars .got little choice .we do have such a ghar in our pind in himachal . 🙂 it’s just regular pre Diwali renovation and repair .did convey your Hi [:)]


  3. Think how pretty the home will look all decked and lit up at Diwali?:-)…will be worth all the noise and mess, huh? 🙂

    🙂 that is one thought that keeps my dusty spirits up 🙂 …. looking forward to it . noise n mess of a different kind 🙂 .. Am agaist crackers ..


  4. Yep tiks.. hehehe when everything neat and spic and span and everything in its place it is a HOUSE.. a little mess is a HOME .
    dontcha worry girl ur home is going to look lovely soon


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