When I started my journey into the virtual world, I had no idea how addictive it was going to be. At first it was limited to just simple emailing ,then the whole new world of e-cards opened up and as I explored the endless possibilities of the internet ,I  simply kept getting more n more  entangled into the web .

Slowly I discovered chat sites, social networking sites, and the tremendous desire to have more n more gripped me.I couldn’t stay away from the computer .I realized at that time that I was completely powerless in front of the magical web.

Whatever spare time that we used to spend meeting old pals, reading books, playing family games, going out to parks and various other places, including just simply walking down to the library or a theater, took a backseat. Making beautiful birthday greeting, anniversary cards seemed like a thing of past as the entire collection of what you wanted was available at a click.

A call from an old friend ,made me realize ,I had not spoken to her in ages ,not even remembered her birthday because she unfortunately was not it my computer birthday reminder list .

Is it a mental need or a want to be accepted in the new world known as the internet?  To escape the sometimes cold realities that surrounds us on a daily basis? We feel inclined to share our feelings with thousands of people we don’t know, and drift away from those we’ve known all our lives.


Sad 😦 , but true. Made me feel guilty, but then the craving to write a blog about it brought me back to the good old PC .The day I demanded that I needed a laptop I was rebuked in chorus by all the elders.

“You will then hang it around your neck and cook with one hand and chat with other”, was my hubby’s remark.

So a laptop became a complete NO NO.


I love my computer because I have all my friends in it … So true …  🙂


Then came the worse part


As if Orkut , Facebook ,Hi5 were not enough, the blogging bug also bit me and the in curable  itch to write that it caused, was too much for the family to handle .


One day after spending an entire day online I was forced to call me quits .cursing under my breath, I slumped myself in the bed ,dreaming of what to do next and where .. When, a kick on my butt made me jump. 😦

“What the F**k   !!!!!,” I shouted in half awakened  state .

“You crazy or what,”yelled my hubby,”you think my hand is F***ing   key board?” “You wanna go back to your bloody computer, GO .Let me sleep in peace for God’s sake “.

I looked at the man apologetically .Muttering a quick sorry I realized it was time to take a break from the virtual world.


So ,first thing in the morn at 6 O’clock ,I, along with my freshly made green tea, parked myself in front of the comp ,to send scraps to all ,saying ,I will be away for a while .

On opening my mail account I found game, scraps, blog comments

Notifications smiling at me, and I started to open them one by one.


By the time I was through, my remaining half cup of tea had become cold; I was past breakfast time and missed my morning exercise routine.











7 thoughts on “NETADDICTION

  1. Just wanted to say that I really like the header picture you chose. Very nice!

    thanks ,It is wordpress pic ,not mine .and BTW there are blog posts below that …do read them too 😉


  2. Tiku…lovely bit..nd makes me very happy ..that i’m not the only one.
    M says i must b the only mad female spending so much time with the PC.
    nd yeah ,no laptop 4 me too…4 obvious reasons.


    loll suja I swear I make a tremendous effort to deaddict but it falls on its face everytime .:(


  3. Its so true. You wont believe me if I tell you I avoid chatting, it takes up too much time, and in the end you achieve nothing 🙂

    Great blogging Tikuli, have read most of your logs but have commented only here and there. I hope you understand, its the real world over the virtual 😉

    Thank you Nancy ..I am glad you like to even read them lolll …as long as you visit ..thats great 🙂


  4. Trying to de-addict yourself are ya? I havent succeeded as yet. All the best 😉

    I think there are some thing which are not worth another try 🙂 loll i am happy the way things are ..


  5. LMAO…..@….. : “You crazy or what,”yelled my hubby,”you think my hand is F***ing key board?” “You wanna go back to your bloody computer, GO .Let me sleep in peace for God’s sake “.

    its true but i have always phases of NETADDICTION… sometimes it happens so damn wholesome that i forget everything else in life…. n then i get sick of it…. after somedays i wud be the same again….lol

    😀 Lol I guess we all go thru the ups and downs of this sweet addiction ..


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