Incurably Addicted to …

phoenixritu tagged me to write five of my addictions and quirks ..and I agree with her WTF..only five 😀 !!!

let me give you the most incurable ones and the rest can make a subject for some other blog 🙂

* I love the smell of spirit ,petrol ,shoe polish ,pheynol,naphthalene balls ,vicks,and to some people’s amazement vim bar ..the dish washing bar :)..

Am sure many of you will find it amusing but they are really amazing fragrances .

*chocolates and bakery products  :hmm ..chocolates …Can not stay without them .anytime of the day ,any kind any form .having two boys who are equally addicted to chocolates I even have short term secret hideouts for my precious chocos ..

love the scrumptious cakes , croissant,tarts ,brownies name it I love it .

*Addicted to cellphones..Love those toys and the accessories that come with them .Wherever I go my cell phone follows .It has everything  from games to music to videos apart from the phone numbers and smsz .txt msgz are fun to send n receive .

*I love to sleep with a whole lot of pillows.clutching one,the other between legs ,one under the head ,one under the feet ,some just tossed around …my hubby hates it 😀 ..

*I hate the elevators and some natural fear for them .I would rather climb some flights of stairs than venture into any of those .I always feel some mishap will take place the moment I step on a big NO NO for me ..

learning to add the tags still can’t figure out will edit it later

and I too agree that observing people around is the best way to get your story ideas . I do it often .


One thought on “Incurably Addicted to …

  1. Poor Lucky – for him it must be a “You, Me and Pillows” kind of company. 😀

    Hmm I am not too much of a sweet person – I like chocolates but not too much.

    I drool over the smell of frying maida – give all halwais a bigggg avoid during evening time when samosas are being fried.

    I cant ride a giant wheel – but elevators and escalators are fun for me

    😀 lol it is me myself and pillows most of the days ..night shifts u know lol
    gosh I forgot the giant wheel ..i got stuck on one of the electric one’s in a village fair ..grrrr


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