With love to my 18 year old self

Tagged By Ritu to go down the memory lane ,I decided to pen down something for my 17 going on 18 self …Trust me we hit it off instantly …so here is the letter to an older tiks from a younger tiku 😀


hey cutie pie ,

when I think of you ,those dreamy black eyes and lovely hair ., a slim figure and kuch ghabrayi kuch sharmayi look ..it makes me sad that I didn’t really look after you ..could have done better than this , but then you were never ready to take chances and thought that life will always be a bed of roses and things will come to you on silver platter ,which, my dear is not true .

I know you hated the idea of getting into a girl’s college But then aren’t you glad that you got into MH and are having a fabulous time there doing the things you always wanted to do .All those nights in the hostel with your crazy gang of gals ..doing thing no one would think of 😉 ..planchets,trying out your first ciggi, night long poster making etc etc …… ;)you sure have the wild streak in you and I can say with pride that I have kept it alive in me .I would love to see you open up a bit more to life but then you were rather rigid about your choices,and possibly could not to see things in a larger perspective ..
I know, no 18year old would enjoy being lectured on what ,when, how and where …and this letter to you is just another way of holding a mirror infront of me .
Love yourself and allow yourself to be seen. Let people see why you are special sweetheart.You are a beautiful, capable, intelligent girl and for God’s sake you do not need a guy to validate your existence..but I know you will not listen .. WE never listen and WE never learn …you will go for him, and trust me , all those,’ in love with the boy next door’ things will backfire ,the moment you will realise what you lost to get that …it will cut your heart ..but the two bundles of joy will bring you immense happiness and there will be vicarious pleasure in watching them do things which you always wanted to do ..but dear girl do you really want a second hand joy? won’t you like to do it all yourself ..I wish you would take some self confidence ki goli and start believing in yourself first, i can say that because this one thing, if not nipped in the bud ,can stay with you for ever and it really sucks at times .So get out and get going girl ..don’t be afraid of those admiring glances and compliments as well as the rude remarks they are all a part of your learning process and nothing makes you stronger than people who break your heart (if that’s what you call it ).

I wish you would STOP worrying about what comes next and certainly not what others expect.smile more. Enjoy the moment. you will later regret that you didn’t follow your heart due to some vague notion in your head about people’s approval ..

😉 I still have all the posters and stuff you collected. Boy ! there wasn’t a place on the wall from where he would not be lookin at you .. …Imran khan is still a heart throb …still looks amazing maybe even more graceful ..

I remember how you would get your lovely hair cut every time you got upset over something which was quite often 🙂 ….now I could die to get back those straight flowing hair and curse you for ruining them .. ..
live life kingsize and buy yourself a big bar of dark chocolate ..don’t forget to brush your teeth ,I don’t want cavities and i certainly would prefer a crown on my head rather than on my tooth . 😀

I wish I could go back in time and have a little fun with you or bring you in future ..you would love it to be a 18 year old in our times .. 😉 and you would love to see that there is a lot more of YOU in ME than Myself ..which I think is good ..as it keeps me in constant touch with the youthful you .

love you always stay beautiful within and keep smiling ..


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