The Naughty Forties

What happens when a group of people above forty years of age gather to let their hair down ?…
It’s one hell of a rocking party .
Recently I went for such an event and trust me we really had A BLAST! The pebbles ,stones and boulders ..all under one roof ,having a ball of their life , leaving behind all the middle age problems ,work pressures , and attitudes .Age is just a number ..was clearly evident in this group.The energy in the room was electrifying, the guzzlers and the grazers were having a time of their life ..
Drinks flowed and the scrumptious snacks seemed to disappear before they arrived .. The food was awesome but the main attraction was the ease with which everyone mingled with each other .
The bonding was instant and the servers were amazed at the old yet young yet heart hitting the dance floor with such exuberance ..They were yet to see such a crazy lot of 40+ .With a joint smoking session at the staircase and the bar overflowing they would surely remember this one for a long time .
Apart from the high voltage energy there was a tremendous feeling of love and sheer joy .
No one could have thought that most of the people were meeting for the first time or that a social networking site’s community could generate such warmth among the members .I wonder if there are any groups like this on any networking site who go in for such meets .
It was one event that certainly should have been on page 3.
We all looked like long lost friends meeting after ages .The ambiance ,the music ,women n wine and.. men was enough to set the place ON FIRE .
Some of us had come with the spouses and they tried their best to get absorbed in the high spirited drama which was unfolding in front of them ..
There was so much laughter and child like excitement during the hilarious game session ,that it left everyone exhausted after the end of it all ..
The cameras flashed continuously taking in the spirit of joy ,friendship and togetherness .
It certainly was the best gathering I had attended in a long time ..a well organised event with just the right amount of sugar n spice


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