Life From Both Sides

One woman two worlds ..who am I ?what is my identity …which is the real me …?
the heart, soul, mind are in conflict ….
I am out of the trance …back to the reality of the mortal world ..
who am I ?
the question remains unanswered
the hour of the crystal ball is over ..the child is trapped in the depths of subconscious, the girl is desperate to break free ..the woman in me wants to overcome the daughter, wife, sister. mother .the feeling of caught between two worlds is getting stronger day by day… it’s time to transcendent the usual, the accepted …

One thought on “Life From Both Sides

  1. You’ve been working hard, Tikuli. Nice. I didn’t know you were an Amitabh fan too LOL

    All thanks to you Ritu ,you made it possible ,gave me strength…thank you ..AB pankha to the core 🙂


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